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by Abigail Van Buren

Letters to Troops in Bosnia Give Moral Support All Year

DEAR ABBY: I'm a soldier, deployed on Eagle Base in Tuzla, Bosnia. The soldiers on my team and I appreciate your column and your "Operation Dear Abby" holiday letter-writing campaign.

The Christmas holidays can be tough on all service members stationed abroad. I've been in the Army for 13 years and have been to my share of different countries. I have soldiers on my team who have never spent the holidays away from their families, and it makes their lives harder.

We appreciate your support of service personnel. Thanks to your readers, we receive mail daily even when we don't hear from family and friends.

God bless you, Abby, and your family. We salute you for helping to bring peace and good will to all our hearts. -- SGT. ANTHONY WOLFE, TALBOTT, TENN., AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE 263RD MAINTENANCE CO. BASED AT FORT HOOD, TEXAS

DEAR SGT. WOLFE: On behalf of my readers who once again participated so generously in Operation Dear Abby -- now in its 14th year -- thank you for writing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Although the worldwide mailing addresses for the program have expired for this year, the Bosnian addresses are valid year-round.

-- For Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine land forces in Bosnia:



APO AE 09397-0001

-- For Navy and Marine Corps personnel aboard ship:



FPO AE 09398-0001