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by Abigail Van Buren

Pets Are the Wrong Cargo for Back of Pickup Truck

DEAR ABBY: On my way to work today, I followed a pickup truck with a beautiful husky dog in the back. As we sped along, he moved anxiously from one side of the truck to the other. Suddenly, the dog jumped out, hit the pavement and began tumbling out of control. I was driving a full-size van at 60 mph. I slammed on the brakes and was able to keep from running over the poor animal.

I pulled off the road and saw the dog had gotten up and was hobbling across the grassy median toward oncoming traffic. Fortunately, I was able to coax the animal into my arms and I held him until the driver of the pickup returned. I will never forget his stupid explanation: "Why, he has never done this before!" It took all my willpower to keep from smacking the driver up against the side of his head.

Please, Abby, pass this story on to everyone. If just one person reads it and decides to keep his or her pet inside the cab with them, it will have been worth it. -- JOHN C., DAYTON, OHIO

DEAR JOHN: Thank you for an important letter. Not only should pets not be allowed to ride in the back of a pickup truck, neither should human beings. As your story illustrates, animals can be unpredictable. And should the driver get into an accident, there is absolutely no protection for the passengers in the back.

DEAR ABBY: I go to garage sales every Saturday and generally come across some interesting items. I found the enclosed "Death Cookbook Recipe" in a set of cards from 1966, put together by the Missouri Avenue Baptist Church, Clearwater, Fla. It is amazing that 30 years later, the problem still exists.

If you feel it is worth sharing with your readers, please print it. I found it very interesting. -- BARBARA CONDON, MATTITUCK, N.Y.

DEAR BARBARA: It's definitely worth printing, particularly during the holiday season when people are "partying." Read on:


Take: 1 reckless, natural-born fool

3 drinks of whiskey

1 fast automobile

Soak the fool in the whiskey, place in the automobile, then let go.

After due time, remove from the wreckage. Place in a satin box and garnish with flowers.

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I just moved to Michigan from a Southern state because of his job. I had to leave mine, and I want to find new employment here. However, I am 17 weeks pregnant.

If I interview for a job, should I tell my prospective employer of my pregnancy then, or wait until I receive an offer? I am not showing yet. -- NEEDS TO KNOW ASAP

DEAR NEEDS TO KNOW: You are not required by law to inform prospective employers that you are pregnant. If they withdraw an offer because they learn that you are pregnant, they are in violation of fair employment practices.

If you're 17 weeks pregnant, they are going to see soon enough. Enjoy your "New Millennium" baby!

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