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by Abigail Van Buren

Doctor Says Chronic Fatigue Is Not All in Sufferers' Heads

DEAR ABBY: I am responding to "Feeling Worthless in New Hampshire," who wrote that her husband didn't value her because he brings in the money while she stays home managing the household and caring for the children.

As a child and as a teen-ager, I watched my mother care for my siblings and me and didn't think anything of it. Now the tide has turned. Because of an injury, I remain at home while my wife works. I had never realized how exhausting it can be to handle everything at home. I have a newfound respect for all women who remain at home while the "man of the house" works, not to mention those women who work and manage their homes, too. Even though my wife is tired after a day at the office, she pitches in around the house far more than I did when I was working on the outside. I wonder how many men come home and consider giving their wives a break by helping out.

"Worthless" should be proud that she manages one of the most important "corporations" in the world -- the family. My hat is off to all stay-at-home mothers. I now have more respect for them and for what I took for granted all those years. -- STAY-AT-HOME DAD

DEAR DAD: My hat is also off to them, and to YOU as well, for saying so!