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by Abigail Van Buren

DEAR ABBY: What is with this trend toward all the vulgar language used in movies these days? Has Hollywood lost all sense of decency?

When the Academy Awards presentations were held in March, did they televise "clips" of the language used in those films? You bet they didn't!

My wife and I went to see "Good Will Hunting" just a week before the awards ceremony. It was hyped to be so-o-o good -- but it was terrible to be bombarded with that vile language. It made me wonder who is judging the quality of the entertainment industry these days. We weren't entertained at all.

Maybe language of that type is acceptable in some circles, but as for us, a night at the movies is off our entertainment schedule for the rest of our lives. -- NO MORE MOVIES, FORT COLLINS, COLO.

DEAR NO MORE: In an effort to put realism into many of the current movies, the industry seems to have gone overboard on the use of vulgarity and profanity. Aside from being offensive to many viewers, the profanity is boring and repetitious.

I'm all for the Motion Picture Association's rating system, which lets children, adults and everyone in between know in advance what to expect before they buy their tickets.

DEAR ABBY: Women often lose one of a treasured pair of earrings. Since it is impractical for a woman to wear the remaining earring by itself, and since she often wears several complementary colors at one time, it would be nice if women were to adopt a "fad" of wearing two different earrings, each of which could match in color a different part of her outfit.

This would enable a woman to still wear beloved pieces of jewelry and not just look longingly at them as they rest on the dresser. -- THOMAS MURPHY, BRADENTON, FLA.

DEAR THOMAS: That's an ingenious solution to a common problem. Women who are comfortable wearing mismatched pairs should be all ears.

DEAR ABBY: I had to write when I read the letter from "Ray in Canada" who has a foot fetish. I also have a foot fetish, and the questions he asked are common.

Abby, people with a foot fetish wonder in the beginning what is wrong with them, but the best bet is to accept themselves just the way they are. Ray could try to suppress his feelings, but the odds are that he wouldn't be happy.

Your advice to find a "sole-mate" was right on. He'll be happy and so will she. Many women are more open-minded than you would think. The vast majority of men who have this fetish are faithful, and when they meet the right woman, she's treated like a queen. -- FLORIDA FOOT MAN

DEAR FLORIDA: Thank you for speaking out. Too bad you didn't sign your name. You'd be inundated with offers from women who are eager to hot-foot it in your direction.

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