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by Abigail Van Buren

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DEAR ABBY: My daughter is being married next year. We are planning an elegant evening reception. Her fiance insists that we invite his divorced sister's four young children to the reception. The children are extremely active, with short attention spans. We do not want children running around and annoying our guests. His mother and sister have put pressure on him, and he is in the middle.

My husband and I are paying for the wedding and feel very strongly about this. We are not inviting any children from our families. These people do not seem to fully comprehend the type of affair we are planning and that children do not belong everywhere. I think it's very rude and in poor taste to press this issue. How should we handle this? -- MOM IN CONNECTICUT

DEAR MOM: You are the host and hostess, and you control the guest list. Be firm in relaying the message, that the reception is for ADULTS ONLY.