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by Abigail Van Buren

In Laws' Anniversary Invitation Is High Price to Pay to Party

DEAR ABBY: While my daughter and I were standing at the window, we saw that her 3-year-old had stopped his tricycle and leaned his chin on the handlebars. When we looked again, he was in the exact same position, which was unusual for him. Laughing, we went out to see what had captured his attention for so long.

His face was turning blue. The cord on the hood of his jacket had come unfastened, and when he leaned forward it had become entangled in the pedal. Each turn of the pedal had pulled him tighter against the handlebars until he could go no farther. Thank God, he was fine as soon as we cut him loose.

Children's coats should fasten with snaps or Velcro, and slacks should have no belts to remove. A baby can strangle on any string or cord -- even that ribbon used to hold its pacifier. -- NAOMI GLENN, A CONCERNED GRANDMA, HILLSBORO, OHIO

DEAR NAOMI: Your grandson's near-miss must have been terrifying for all concerned. Thank you for alerting other parents and grandparents to this potential danger. This valuable information may save some lives.