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by Abigail Van Buren

Sister in Law's Big Mouth Is Used to Bad Mouth Family

DEAR ABBY: I am newly married, and I just found out from a friend that my husband's ex-fiancee has a tattoo on her behind with his name. Everyone in this small town knows about it, because he bragged about how "cute" it was.

My friend says the girl has offered to have it removed since he has married someone else, but she can't afford it. My husband paid to have the tattoo put on, and I think he should give her the money to have it removed since he can well afford it.

He reads your column faithfully, so I think he will listen to you better than he would to me. -- NEWLYWED IN DECATUR

DEAR NEWLYWED'S HUSBAND: I agree with your wife. It's time to put the tattoo behind all of you. Since you paid to have it put on your former fiancee's derriere, ante up for the surgery to remove it. That should put an end to it.