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by Abigail Van Buren

Interested Supervisor May Have More on His Mind Than Work

DEAR ABBY: Recently you printed a letter about children wearing helmets while participating in sports. I know helmets are useful to prevent childhood injuries, but I think adults should also wear helmets for certain activities.

My husband mows the lawn on a riding mower, and he has often been cut on the head by low branches. He ducks, but not always far enough or fast enough.

One day while I was watching him on the mower, it occurred to me that he might not see a heavy branch behind the leaves and could seriously injure himself. Or he might mow over a depression in the ground, or hit a rock, and the mower could lurch and throw him off -- and he might hit his head on a rock or stump.

I insisted that very day that we shop for a safety helmet. Now he always uses it, and I rest easier knowing that he will not sustain a concussion or serious injury. -- EILEEN DREW, MELBOURNE, FLA.

DEAR EILEEN: Good safety idea, but why stop with those who use a riding mower? Taking it a step further, all workers with any risk of head injury should take precautions -- a roofer could fall off a roof, or a pool man could slip on a wet deck.