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by Abigail Van Buren

Interested Supervisor May Have More on His Mind Than Work

DEAR ABBY: A supervisor at work has been pursuing me for quite some time. He's consistently offering me projects that we can do together. I feel uncomfortable being alone with him and have turned down these projects. Fortunately, our work circumstances do not force me to see him often. His behavior may pose legal or ethical problems. Others have observed and commented on his interest.

While I enjoy my job, I have an opportunity to relocate, although it may mean a decrease in pay. What is your advice based on this information? -- TOO CLOSE AND PERSONAL IN TEXAS

DEAR TOO CLOSE: I see no reason for you to leave a job you enjoy and take a cut in pay. If this supervisor is attracted to you, that's his problem. If, however, he is doing something overt in his pursuit, then you should be documenting it so that you can register a formal complaint about it with his boss.