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by Abigail Van Buren

Daughter's Engagement Is No Cause for Mom's Celebration

DEAR ABBY: I'm writing about the letter from "Cannot Believe It in Florida," whose family spent more than $500 to entertain 12 wedding guests who collectively gave one inexpensive gift.

The next time she hosts a wedding, instead of seating guests in sections for "bride" and "groom," she should ask if they have given "expensive" or "inexpensive" gifts so she can seat them accordingly. Guests who brought a gift of value equal to the cost of their "admission" can enjoy the sumptuous meal and unlimited beverages, while those whose gifts do not measure up can line up for warm water and stale bread.

"Cannot Believe It" tried to show she has class and taste by describing the lovely wedding at an exclusive club, sparing no expense. But by writing and complaining to you about the unacceptable gift, she showed quite the opposite. -- CANNOT BELIEVE HER IN VIRGINIA

DEAR CANNOT BELIEVE HER: I cautioned "Cannot Believe It" against approaching the guests about their gift. I hope she heeded my advice.