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by Abigail Van Buren

Dear Readers: Last Week, I Devoted Two Days to the Wonderful Responses I Received From Readers Telling Me How They Just Said "No" to Sex. Today I'm Devoting My Column to More of the Responses Readers Sent Regarding This Important Question:

DEAR ABBY: I joined the Air force when I was 19, so I got a lot of practice saying, "No." Most of the guys I dated said the didn't believe the rumors that I didn't put out, and I knew that some of them dated me just to prove to themselves that they could score.

Once the conversation got around to sex, I was pretty straight forward and said I didn't believe in premarital sex. A couple of guys called me a tease, but in the military any girl who doesn't put out is either a "tease" or a "lesbian." That gets the male off the hook for his failure to conquer. My most successful phrase was used when the kissing got out of hand. I would say, "I have Stop signs, not Yield signs." And I followed it with, "When I say an area of my anatomy of Off Limits, I mean don't go there!" It usually got a laugh and eased what could have become a tense situation.

A couple of years ago I ran into one of my old boyfriends, and as we were catching up he asked if I had given in before marriage. He then told me that he'd thought about me often throughout the years, as he compared other's morals to mine. Then he said he really respected me and wished more girls were like that.

I know you'll get thousands of responses, but if you print mine please sign me -- NO REGRETS