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by Abigail Van Buren

Women Who Don't Drive Shouldn't Get Free Ride

DEAR ABBY: After 10 years of marriage, my husband decided he wanted out. No reason. He just wanted out. We are both 32. I still love him very much and didn't want him to leave, but I had no choice, so I accepted his decision with a heavy heart.

We have been apart for nearly a year, and now that I am beginning to adjust to the separation, he decides that he "misses being married." He says he wants to come back for six weeks, then he will decide whether he wants to stay with me forever or stay away forever.

What do you think? -- WONDERING

DEAR WONDERING: Why should he dictate the terms of a possible reconciliation? Don't take him back unless you find out what went wrong with your marriage in the first place. Before allowing him to come back, see a family counselor, and insist that he get counseling, too. It's available through your Family Service Association. (It's in the phone book.) The organization offers excellent, confidential help, and fees are based on the ability to pay.