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by Abigail Van Buren

Course of True Love Runs Right Through Ring Ruse

DEAR ABBY: In a recent response to a woman who questioned her moral obligation to wear a wedding ring, you stated that the "presence of a wedding ring does not necessarily mean the wearer is married." Your readers may enjoy a love story which proves the wisdom of that remark.

During the Korean War, a girl in a small city in Maine was working her way through college as a waitress at a restaurant popular with the employees at the nearby air base. A young lieutenant who was a regular thought she was absolutely beautiful and had spoken with her many times. But he couldn't ask her out because she wore a gold wedding band.

One evening at closing, she and the lieutenant were the last to leave, and he lamented aloud about the "slim pickings" for the thousands of Air Force men stationed in the area. Then he said he wished she had a twin sister who wasn't married.

She studied him for a long moment, then confessed that she really was single. Her father had suggested she wear her late grandma's ring to work to help cool off us jet jockeys!

That admission forever changed their lives. The waitress became a pediatrician, and she and her now-retired husband have four grown children, and just celebrated 43 years of marriage. Grandma's ring is still on her finger. And we give daily thanks that it now signifies the wearer is married. -- LUCKY IN LOVE IN LIMESTONE