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by Abigail Van Buren

Treat Old Glory With Renewed Respect as We Celebrate Today

DEAR ABBY: A while back, you answered a woman who wanted to know when it is appropriate to fly the American flag. I thought you would like to see the list from "Flag Code, Directions for Use" that was published by the U.S. Army in 1918:

Feb. 12 .... Lincoln's Birthday

Feb. 22 .... Washington's Birthday

April 19 ... Battle of Lexington

June 14 .... Flag Day

July 4 ..... Independence Day

Oct. 17 .... Saratoga Day

Oct. 19 .... Yorktown Surrender

Nov. 25 .... Evacuation of Yorktown

And long may it wave! -- ELLEN SUE TURNER, SAN ANTONIO

DEAR ELLEN SUE: Thank you for a fascinating bit of history. Since I published in January the "modern list" of dates for flying the flag, readers have pointed out that Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Father's Day were missing -- so I'm adding them now. Happy Fourth of July, everyone.