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by Abigail Van Buren

Mother's Day Brings Only Pain for Mom Who's Mostly Ignored

DEAR ABBY: Many people write to you complaining about receiving catalogs in the mail. They call it "junk mail."

I disagree. I'm an older woman and don't drive. If I want to shop locally, one of my children has to drive me, then wait until I get my shopping done. I hate to inconvenience them, so I shop through catalogs for birthday and Christmas gifts, clothing, shoes, even fishing gear. That way, I can shop at my leisure, compare prices and find items that are otherwise impossible to find. I love catalogs. You may use my name. -- ELIZABETH MC GREW IN RENO, NEV.

DEAR ELIZABETH MC GREW: You are not alone. Many readers have written to say that catalogs are the answer to their prayers. Small wonder that catalogs are now a multibillion-dollar business.