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by Abigail Van Buren

Mother's Day Brings Only Pain for Mom Who's Mostly Ignored

DEAR ABBY: About May or June of each year, people begin to receive graduation invitations from nieces, nephews, grandnephews and grandnieces they have rarely seen and with whom they have had no communication whatsoever.

Well, what I do may not be right, but I write the graduates a letter to let them know that I am pleased with their status, and state that I wish I had the opportunity to know them better and hope they will make an effort to stay in touch with me in the future.

I send no gift, no check -- nothing but my congratulations. Abby, what do you and your readers have to say about how I handle the situation? -- IGNORED IN FLORIDA

DEAR IGNORED: I think you handle the situation admirably in view of the circumstances.