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by Abigail Van Buren

Scheme to Get Rid of Junk Mail Runs Into Dead End

DEAR ABBY: I have never written to you before, but I read the letter from "Wondering in Missouri," about the lady who wanted to know if she should give her children things that were special to her before she passed away. Yes, yes, yes -- please do!

My mom died earlier this year and none of her wishes were obeyed. For years and years, she had been telling everyone the things that she wanted her children and grandchildren to have. Well, after she was gone, her husband ignored her wishes, refused to pay one cent for the funeral, and treated us worse than anyone could ever begin to imagine. He kept everything she wanted her loved ones to have.

I and her granddaughters are devastated. We not only have to live every single day with the grief of losing her, but we have nothing of hers that she wanted us to have. Mother would be so very sad.

Her husband destroyed her will and did not even give us the courtesy of seeing her last words. So, if you have loved ones who are special to you -- then please, please give them the things that you want them to have before you die. We can't even get a lawyer to try and fight this injustice because we can't afford it. My heart is broken. -- BROKENHEARTED IN OREGON

DEAR BROKENHEARTED: I have often said, "Do your giving while you're living, and you'll be knowing where it's going."