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by Abigail Van Buren

Lying in the Name of Love Has Hateful Consequences

DEAR ABBY: I saw a letter in your column from "Plumber's Wife." She said that every faucet in her house dripped. Well, my mechanic husband and I own five cars. Two won't start at all, and one barely runs. I have sent the car that runs to the repair shop many times, which didn't faze my husband. It meant less work for him.

My father is a carpenter, and my parents' home was always the last to be repaired.

My former husband managed a grocery store and rarely would he shop for me.

I am a child-care provider, but after hours I prefer to be away from small children.

Abby, do you enjoy giving advice after office hours? I think it's only human nature to occupy your precious spare time with something other than your 40-hour-a-week occupation. -- MECHANIC'S WIFE

DEAR MECHANIC'S WIFE: I have no objections to giving advice after office hours. But perhaps that's because I love what I do and consider it a privilege -- not a job.