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by Abigail Van Buren

Dad Does Not Take Lightly Marriage to a Heavyweight

DEAR ABBY: My father has lived with a lady for several years, but he will not marry her because of her weight. (Of course, he has not told her this.)

She is not fat, but she is a little overweight, a size 12 to 14. When we ask Dad why he hasn't proposed yet, he just says, "She's on a diet right now, and as soon as she loses some weight and stays slim for a while, I'll see about it."

Should I tell her she's wasting her time with my dad? It seems to me that he's just waiting for something better to come along. She cooks, cleans house, washes his clothes, everything. I feel he is just using her. He says he "loves" her.

I think if he loves her, he should marry her. What is your opinion? -- A SOUTHERNER

DEAR SOUTHERNER: It is not your place to tell the lady anything. When your father asks for your opinion -- and not until then -- give it to him with both barrels.