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by Abigail Van Buren

No Thanks to the Groom, Couple's Notes Are Late

DEAR ABBY: Where is it written that it is the bride's duty to write all the thank-you notes? Aren't wedding gifts intended to be enjoyed by both the bride and the groom? At least half of our wedding gifts came from my husband's side of the family.

Even though my husband agreed to write thank-you notes for the gifts from his friends and relatives, he kept putting it off for so long, I was embarrassed, and I finally wrote them all myself.

Please print this in your column. Many newlywed wives will thank you. -- FRANK'S WIFE IN SPRINGFIELD, VA.

DEAR WIFE: Times have changed. More newlywed wives are now fully employed outside the home.

In years gone by, the husband brought home the bacon and the wife fried it. No more. There's a new innovation, as I clearly state in my wedding booklet: "The bride and groom share the writing of thank-you notes. She writes to her friends and family, he to his."