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by Abigail Van Buren

Operation Dear Abby Gets Boffo Reviews All Over

DEAR ABBY: Regarding Operation Dear Abby, I want to thank you for giving your readers the APO addresses for our servicemen and women overseas.

Since we live in Annapolis, Md., and are involved with the sponsor program at the Naval Academy, I decided to mail a box of goodies to the South Pacific APO.

Well, today we received a wonderful gift -- it was a letter of thanks from the crew of the Submarine Group Seven. It was signed by all the officers and crew, who expressed their appreciation for the Christmas package.

I shall continue to write to them and, in a month or so, I'll mail them another box of goodies.

God bless you, Abby, for allowing civilians to do something nice for the dedicated young men and women who serve our country. -- LOUISA AND SHELDON NOBLE, ANNAPOLIS, MD.

DEAR LOUISA, SHELDON, CHAPLAIN MC GUFFIN AND "A THANKFUL SOLDIER": Thank you for the kind words, but the credit belongs to my readers who work so diligently every year to make this project such an overwhelming success.