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by Abigail Van Buren

Family Nurses Hurt and Hope for Son Who Walked Away

DEAR ABBY: I was recently divorced and moved to Florida. In order to pay my mortgage, I work two jobs. This leaves me with very little time for maintenance or yard work. I was relieved when the weeds didn't overrun my yard as I had feared they would because of the climate.

Yesterday I made an unscheduled trip home in the middle of my workday. As I entered my driveway, I saw in a flash the reason why the weeds had not taken over my yard. There was my 86-year-old neighbor on his hands and knees pulling my weeds!

Abby, I barely know this nice man and his wife, and yet here he was weeding my yard. He was very embarrassed to be caught in this anonymous act of kindness.

How's that for a terrific neighbor? -- MELISSA HANSEN, FORT MYERS, FLA.

DEAR MELISSA: Congratulations -- you lucked out in the neighbor department. Does he have a brother who wants to move to California?