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by Abigail Van Buren

Aging Relatives Can Be Easy Prey for Con Artists, Thieves

DEAR ABBY: I am a single man who has been friendly with another single (elderly) man for about 15 years. He has never been married and has no children of his own, but he has some nephews back east. Our acquaintance over the years has consisted mainly of having him over for dinner parties with some other friends.

This elderly friend has been hospitalized lately and is now recovering in a convalescent facility. His doctor has advised him to give up his apartment. Of course, I have visited my friend at the hospital and the home faithfully.

Abby, do you think it would be OK -- in other words, in good taste -- if I were to mention (with a smile on my face), "Don't forget to mention me in your will"? This man is a millionaire.

Please rush me your answer, as he could kick the bucket any day. -- CURIOUS IN LOS ANGELES

DEAR CURIOUS: To mention anything concerning this elderly gentleman's will would be in the worst possible taste. Besides, it's a safe bet that his will was written weeks, months or even years ago. Shame on you (I'm saying this with a smile on my face).