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by Abigail Van Buren

Compromise Is Best Game Plan for Marriage to Sports Fanatic

DEAR ABBY: Please share our advice with "Mateless in Milwaukee" and her husband. (We were in the same boat when we first married.)

TO THE HUSBAND: Cut back one league. Have a separate phone line for your football messages. Make football fun for your wife -- get the guys and their wives to meet at a nice sports restaurant on Sundays and watch the game over pizza and beer.

Take a road trip with another couple to see a game: get a hotel, have a tailgate picnic, sightsee, etc.

TO THE WIFE: Buy his team T-shirt and wear it on game day. Learn about his favorite players and discuss them with him. Place small wagers with him. Encourage Sunday sports outings with other couples. Take turns with other couples hosting game parties.

TO BOTH: Go out of your way to make your marriage fun for each other.

We did all of the above and we're ... HAPPY IN CHESAPEAKE BEACH