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by Abigail Van Buren

Holidays Inspire Divorced Mom to Resolve Her Bitter Feelings

DEAR ABBY: I have something to say to the millions of families whose lives are affected by divorce.

An unforgiving and bitter person who has not let go of animosities can poison an entire family and ruin the holidays for everyone. I know. I was that person.

I couldn't forgive my husband and his new wife, and my children suffered for it. One day after a particularly harsh outburst, I understood the pained reaction on my children's faces. I prayed for the strength to change my ways so I could stop hurting those I love most in the world.

It has been a long struggle with occasional setbacks, but the rewards have carried me forward. I have not remarried and I am not completely healed, but I have peace in my heart and my children are happy. They are free to enjoy both homes and the holidays with each family. It is a priceless gift to give your children, and yourself. -- FREE IN VERMONT

DEAR FREE: I can't think of a more meaningful gift suggestion for this holiday season. Happy holidays to you and your now happier family.