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by Abigail Van Buren

Young Wife's Packaging Less Important Than What Was Inside

DEAR ABBY: "Wondering in Florida" expected to inherit a substantial sum of money and wanted information on charities to which she could donate.

I would like to remind her about colleges and scholarship programs when considering where to donate her inheritance. Education is expensive, and many qualified students cannot afford it. Establishing a scholarship program can be very rewarding.

Small colleges are the most forgotten and are in dire need of scholarship programs. Several years ago my husband and I set one up, and we're leaving our estate to a small college from which we graduated.

It is gratifying to know where your money is going. I have compiled a scrapbook of the many thank-you notes we have received from the recipients of our scholarships. Believe me, the money is appreciated! -- GLAD WE DID IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR GLAD: Yours is an excellent suggestion. Few deeds are more rewarding than helping a deserving young person create a bright future.