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by Abigail Van Buren

Grandma Gets Bouquet of Thorns for Tacky Wedding Behavior

DEAR ABBY: I recently attended a formal wedding where I witnessed something I thought was outrageous. When it came time for the bride to toss her bouquet, the bride's grandmother, who is well into her 70s, shoved the bridesmaids and young cousins of the bride aside and caught the bridal bouquet. Everyone was bewildered!

When it came time for the groom to toss the bride's garter, none of the young men tried to catch it, so it fell to the floor.

One young man was coaxed into picking it up and placing the garter on Grandma's leg. Obviously embarrassed, he put it on up to her knee when Grandma urged him to go higher until it reached her thigh. (Yes, she was sober.)

When one of the bridesmaids reminded Grandma that tossing the bouquet was a ritual intended for the young unmarried girls, Grandma shouted, "Well, I'm single!" Everyone applauded.

Abby, what do you think of Grandma's behavior? -- NEW JERSEY READER

DEAR READER: I think it was outrageous and inappropriate, although it did add some unforgettable frivolity to the wedding. (Are you sure Grandma was sober?)