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by Abigail Van Buren

Video Game Is Addiction for Boys Young and Old

DEAR ABBY: I am writing about the mother of the bride who was much disturbed -- and properly so -- because of the "no-shows" at her daughter's wedding. She paid $25 per person, and there were eight guests who accepted but did not call to cancel and didn't show up.

Is there any reason why the parents of the bride who paid for the reception could not have asked the caterer to pack up the $200 worth of food so they could take it home?

Also, would it be a breach of etiquette for the parents or the newlyweds to call the no-shows and ask why they didn't attend the wedding after having accepted? (Am I the only one who thinks a telephone call or a note to the no- shows would be in order?) -- A.F.S.

DEAR A.F.S.: There is no reason why the parents of the bride shouldn't have asked the caterer to pack up the no-shows' dinners to be taken home and placed in their freezer to enjoy later.

However, I would neither call nor write the no-shows, asking why they didn't cancel when they knew they couldn't attend. Explanations (and apologies) are in order, but the no-shows should initiate them.