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by Abigail Van Buren

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do -- Even When You're 11

DEAR ABBY: I hope you will take time to give me your opinion on a problem that involves two partners in a small business.

Partner A bought a $100 ticket to a charity ball with company funds, a normal procedure. The day of the ball, partner A asked partner B if he would like to use the ticket. Partner B said no. Partner A offered it to others. No takers. At the last minute, partner A decided to go himself.

The ticket was the winning number. It won $4,000!

Partner A insists the money is his. Partner B thinks it should be split 50-50. What do you think? -- P.R.

DEAR P.R.: If partner A, with the knowledge and consent of partner B, invested company funds in an oil well, and it brought in a million-dollar gusher, wouldn't partner B be entitled to half the proceeds? The same principle applies.