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by Abigail Van Buren

Family Reunion Revelry Robs Motel Guests of Restful Sleep

DEAR ABBY: I am writing on behalf of my granddaughter who has a set of triplets, now 7 months old.

Abby, please ask your readers to kindly refrain from stopping the parents of multiple-birth children to ask a lot of personal questions such as, "Did you take fertility drugs?"

Whenever my granddaughter takes her triplets out -- even for a breath of fresh air or grocery shopping -- she is stopped by people who want to take a look at the triplets and ask a lot of questions. It's so difficult for her to get her shopping done, or even take a leisurely walk.

Since you are a twin, you can probably feel for my granddaughter. -- CALIFORNIA GRANNY

DEAR GRANNY: Twins or triplets are sure to attract attention, so the person accompanying them had better be prepared to answer a lot of questions. (A double or triple buggy alone is an attention-getter.) Should a stranger ask a question that you feel is too personal to answer, let your response be, ""Forgive me if I choose not to answer so personal a question."