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by Abigail Van Buren

Mom Worries That Son in Jail Will Sentence Family to Grief

DEAR ABBY: Please discuss fathers tickling their young children. They seem to get some sadistic pleasure out of expressing their love (?) by tickling the little girls and boys until they scream with laughter, then pain -- then end up in tears!

This needs discussion, Abby. I think it's sadistic! Do you? -- MRS. B. IN JOPLIN, MO.

DEAR MRS. B: Yes. Children who "end up in tears" are experiencing pain -- not pleasure -- and no father should be permitted to play such games. Excessive tickling is said to stimulate children inappropriately. To subject a child to this kind of "play" is child abuse. It's the business of adults to protect children from ANY kind of child abuse -- and while it may appear innocent and "all in fun," it should not be tolerated.