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by Abigail Van Buren

Unwanted Catalogs Threaten to Swamp Reader's Mailbox

DEAR ABBY: I thought I'd share with you a very poignant letter that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle recently. Perhaps you will want to share it with your readers. -- S.K. IN HAYWARD, CALIF.

DEAR S.K.: I think it is well worth sharing with my readers. It appeared in the "Letters to the Editor" section, and here it is:


Can I march in your parade, too? I came back from World War II after being in five battles, and I don't remember any ticker tape.

We were near Japan on VJ Day and didn't get to participate, unlike some of the lucky National Guardsmen in the latest short war.

In 1945, we were so jumpy from kamikaze attacks that we had a general quarters alarm after the Japanese surrendered. It was very remote from the joyful madness I saw displayed in pictures of Market Street.

Our ship's company had not seen civilization in over a year, and it was another eight months before I was mustered out.

Can I be in your parade now? -- ROBERT L. HEATON, LAFAYETTE, CALIF.