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by Abigail Van Buren

DEAR ABBY: Many years ago, I copied this poem out of your column in the Indiana (Pa.) Gazette. Since there are so many strikes now, I thought it might be a good time to print it again. -- MRS. ARTHUR STEELE, INDIANA, PA.


by Walt Huntley

How good it is that God above

has never gone on strike,

Because He was not treated fair

in things He didn't like.

If only once, He'd given up and

said, "That's it, I'm through!

"I've had enough of those on Earth,

so this is what I'll do:

"I'll give my orders to the sun

cut off the heat supply!

"And to the moon -- give no more light,

and run the oceans dry.

"Then just to make things really tough

and put the pressure on,

"Turn off the vital oxygen till

every breath is gone!"

You know He would be justified,

if fairness was the game,

For no one has been more abused

or met with more disdain

Than God, and yet he carries on,

supplying you and me

With all the favors of His grace,

and everything for free.

Men say they want a better deal,

and so on strike they go,

But what a deal we've given God

to whom all things we owe.

We don't care whom we hurt

to gain the things we like;

But what a mess we'd all be in,

If God should go on strike.

DEAR ABBY: I am living proof that a person is never too old to learn. I have had a fingernail-chewing habit since I was a young boy. I tried everything I ever heard of to break the habit. Nothing worked -- until I read about a "cure" in, of all places, your column! You suggested wearing a rubber band around the wrist, and whenever the nail-biter picks up his or her hand to chew a fingernail, snap the rubber band instead.

Here I am, an 80-year-old man who finally found a cure for a habit I have hated nearly all my life. The rubber band I wear on my right wrist at all times is an eighth of an inch wide, and it's loose and comfortable.

I am signing my name, which you have my permission to use if you wish. Thank you, Dear Abby. -- WILLIAM (BILL) ISAKSON, HOLIDAY, FLA,

DEAR MR. ISAKSON: I am delighted to have been of help. I'd give you a snappier answer, but it might be stretching things a bit. So, congratulations, and all good wishes to you.

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