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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife Escapes From Husband Before Death Could Them Part

DEAR ABBY: The enclosed appeared in the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune's editorial section titled "Voice of the People." It was good for a chuckle in the newsroom; perhaps your readers also might find it amusing. It was submitted by James R. Inwood of South Bend. -- KAREN MURPHY, INDIANAPOLIS STAR

DEAR KAREN: This exchange of letters typifies the particularly subtle form of communication that parents and children often share:

DEAR DAD: Thing$ are pretty good here at $chool, but they could be better. $ome thing$ are needed mo$t de$perately. I hope you can gue$$ what I mean and $end $ome $oon. -- Your loving $on

DEAR SON: NOthing is new here. I kNOw that you are doing better NOw than you have been. Write aNOther letter soon. I want to get this off in the NOon mail, so I'll sign off NOw. -- Love, Dad