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Dear Eugenia For August 18, 2019

Dear Eugenia: According to my natal chart, it appears that a gentleman I have known for more than 20 years has a high synastry compatibility with me. I was born April 29, 1967, at 11:38 a.m., and he was born on March 3, 1963. Is it possible that we could be highly compatible as it states? We admire each other from afar, but there is definite chemistry when we see each other. I have never had an excellent compatibility relationship according to past synastries. Any thoughts? -- Taurus

Dear TAURUS: The astrological comparison is decent, but I've witnessed people who match up even better who didn't manage to make it as a forever couple. All relationships take work, and sometimes when the flow is too smooth, you end up taking one another for granted.

The second thing that stood out to me was that your Pisces sun sign falls in an area of your chart that deals with dead-end projects, which can put a damper on the duration of such a union. This can be for several reasons -- financial stress, health issues and legal matters to name a few.

There is also some deception that shows up in your chart in an area that has to do with socializing, children and dealing with one another's friends, relatives or past relationships.

Knowing that these particular troubles can manifest helps you make better choices when they surface. So the answer to your question is yes, your comparison does denote promise if you are both willing to put in the time and effort required to build a solid, honest foundation moving forward.

Dear Eugenia: I am in a third-party relationship with a Scorpio (born Nov. 13, 1971, time unknown). I'm under the impression he wants to leave his current situation when his youngest child turns of age and finishes school, which is next year.

Meanwhile, I am at a job where the manager has been portraying narcissistic behavior, and the environment feels toxic. I'm in search of a new job after being there four years. I love the work, but not the company or my manager. I feel it's time to go somewhere else so I can become financially stable and be able to help my child (born April 9, 2001) through college, retirement, and just grow as a young woman.

Does any of this come out positive for me? My birthday is Sept. 8, 1979, at 4:03 a.m. Am I heading down the right path in my life? -- Virgo

Dear VIRGO: You didn't mention your Scorpio's current partner's birth data, leaving me with little to work with. What I can tell you is that your Scorpio is strongly influenced by the sign Sagittarius. He thinks, loves, reacts and is free-spirited, not loyal, and dedicated like an intense Scorpio.

The comparison between you and your friend isn't the best and indicates that you are more of a social sideline, not a participant in his life. That may sound harsh, but I'd rather see you move on to someone who can contribute to your happiness, not distract you from finding that person.

Should this man leave his current partner, it will be because she finds out about all his shenanigans and calls it quits.

Your chart indicates that you aren't always honest with yourself when it comes to your love life, that you don't choose partners wisely and that you should always have an astrological comparison cast before you venture down that path.

Concerning your professional goals, if you want to make a change, you probably should have been in the process of doing so already. However, you still have until the end of the year to make a move.

Your daughter falls in an area of your chart that indicates that she will make you proud. Without her time or place of birth, I'm limited in what I can tell you.

Dear Eugenia: I have recently had a lot of changes in my life. I took a new job in a bigger city, and at the beginning of next month, I will be moving into a new place, along with my children. While I'm excited about the upcoming chapter, I am uncertain about my future.

For close to six months, I have been dating a guy who I thought was absolutely perfect for me. I just knew he was the one. Everything was going so entirely well; we were spending so much time together and talking and communicating throughout the day every day. We enjoyed doing the same things, and I was really enjoying where I thought the relationship was going. However, he broke up with me this week.

I should've gotten an astrological comparison with him earlier. What do you see between us? Where did it go wrong? Do you see someone else coming to my life that might have marriage potential? His birthday is Dec. 7, 1981, at 3:30 p.m., and mine is Aug. 14, 1985, at 2:35 p.m. -- Leo

Dear LEO: You are correct in saying you match up well to this man. However, not without complications. He is a Sagittarius by sun sign, but with his natal Venus in the sign Capricorn, he is a traditionalist when it comes to love, home and family. He may be having trouble with the fact that you have children, or that you may have different beliefs, or that your families might not get along. Whatever the case, he needs space to sort out his priorities, feelings and future direction.

As for you, it's time to explore, expand your interests and enjoy your new life, home and family. Next year you will head into a high cycle where romance is concerned. This can bring someone back into your life or a new suitor who is dead serious about a forever relationship.

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