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Dear Eugenia For June 09, 2019

Dear Eugenia: During the last 10 years, I have had some of the worst financial dealings from all types of relationships, income, contracts, investments -- of time, money and talent... I am at full capacity and the end of my rope. I understand my part and responsibility in it all.

I work in the entertainment industry -- production and development for film and TV. I also work with children and have taken some side positions. However, I didn't work my entire life to find myself losing everything and trying to start over. I know I'm compassionate, bright and talented. I am working on making improvements, as I always have been self-reflective. I was born on Aug. 3, 1959, at 11:35 p.m.

Where is the light, and can we make it green? Trying to remain optimistic and hopeful. -- Leo

Dear LEO: Impulsive decisions and being too trusting emotionally have been your downfall during the years. They're built into your character and are those life lessons that can become very tedious if you cannot put an end to the cycle.

The past seven years transiting Saturn has not been accommodating, with everything coming to a head as your second Saturn return hit late 2017 and continued to beat you down until the end of 2018. You are right to say that the tide is turning. However, the question is, did you learn from the experience? Your first Saturn return happened in 1988. Think back and use the experience to help you make better choices moving forward.

Having a natal chart that has so many planets in so few signs makes it difficult at times. However, it can also be extremely beneficial when transiting planets happen to favor you. In other words, you have a chart that can be very good or very bad.

At the end of this year, transiting Saturn will move into your 10th house (the limelight house). The work you do and the deals you cut are crucial to how well you will do. Transiting Jupiter will pose some uncertainty for you in late November until the end of the year, making it vital that you address issues head-on. Ask direct questions, and get what you want in writing. There will be no room for anger, wasting time on people and projects that are too time-consuming or waiting for someone to make up his or her mind. You will have to assess and take the path of least resistance to position yourself for success in 2020.

Call in favors, sign contracts and wheel and deal throughout the first half of 2020, and you will see the light shine brightly.

Dear Eugenia: My husband, born Dec. 24, 1982, wants a divorce. I, born May 18, 1982, at 5 a.m., don't want a divorce. We have two sons. The problem is he cheated on me. Now we don't talk much. I used to yell, but now I don't say anything. He doesn't stay home. Sometimes he comes back very late. Sometimes he is out for a week. I don't ask anything.

He says he wants freedom. After the divorce, he wants to stay in the same house, but in a separate room. He says he is with someone. He doesn't trust me, and I'm not sure why. He gets upset over small, unimportant things. What does he want? Is there any chance of us getting back together? -- Devastated Taurus

Dear DEVESTATED TAURUS: Your husband appears to want you as his maid, babysitter and cook. If you allow this to happen, you are teaching your sons that it is OK to treat a woman this way. What he is proposing is not in your best interest.

Your astrological comparison is OK. However, it can only survive if you are both willing to work toward the same goal, and apparently that is not something that your husband is ready to do. There is a lack of physical attraction between you, but this is not your fault.

His chart indicates he loses interest in a woman after he has had children with her. Without his new partner's birth data or your husband's time of birth, I cannot be specific, but it is likely he will have several partners throughout his life.

Your chart indicates you should be getting your paperwork in order. Make sure you have a copy of your husband's financial records, and set up a meeting with a lawyer to ensure you and your boys are taken care of financially. It's time for you to set him straight and make it clear that if he wants his freedom, it comes at a price.

You are young, charming and have plenty to offer someone who will treat you better. Your chart indicates you will be married more than once.

Dear Eugenia: I met someone at work. We get along great and have spent a tremendous amount of time together outside of work. I have always kept it at a friendship level, but during my many hours with him, I have developed feelings and care very much about him. He also has feelings for me.

He was born on March 1, 1994, between 11:30 p.m. and midnight. He does not know the exact time. I was born Aug. 4, 1960, at 4:45 p.m. We never talk about our age difference. I'm not sure if this relationship will last. We may be both going through a phase in our life. -- Confused

Dear CONFUSED: Although there is a mutual attraction, there is also emotional deception that shows loud and clear in the comparison between you and this young man. "Two ships passing in the night" is the best way to describe your situation. You are wise to keep this connection as a friendship, nothing more. If you don't think you can do so, you are best to move on and set him free. The potential for this to be some sort of karmic connection is possible, but that doesn't mean one or both of you should not be wise enough to recognize the lesson to be learned and move on. Your chart indicates that you are in a high cycle concerning love this year, and it appears you are wasting this transit on a relationship that isn't meant to be.

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