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Dear Eugenia For June 23, 2019

Dear Eugenia: I am 27 years old and haven't had a relationship since my split from my wife almost 4 years ago. I did have to take a lot of time to get over it. And I admit I am now quite selective in finding the right one, especially after my experience. But it seems a bit abnormal that I am single for this long. Is this supposed to be my path for learning and getting to know myself? Is there something in my chart blocking me from finding a companion, or is it my own fault somehow? (Meaning there's nothing astrologically preventing me.) I was born, July 7, 1991, at 9 p.m. -- Searching

Dear SEARCHING: With the astrological transits you've been experiencing the past four years, it really wasn't the right time for you to get involved again. You are correct in saying it has been a period of reflection and soul-searching.

Transiting Saturn has been moving across your ascendant and is slowly heading toward Aquarius and your first Saturn return in 2021. This is when you will be truly ready to walk down the aisle again. Between now and then, time will be spent finding the right partner.

With transiting Jupiter being positioned favorably to your natal Venus this year, you are ready to socialize more and to recognize someone you meet as marriage material. This transit began in the spring and will be highlighted in the fall. If you happen to meet someone earlier this year who caught your attention, you may want to take another look.

You may be a Cancer by sun sign, but you think and love like a Leo. However, with your natal Saturn situation opposite your natal Mercury, you are a reserved lion who loves passionately and takes relationships seriously.

Dear Eugenia: I met a guy born, Feb. 29, 1999, in March 2019 online. Within no time we became serious about each other and started a long-distance relationship. Although it seemed that this person was very serious about me and also said that he wouldn't mind converting his religion for me, on May 6th around 1 a.m., he said that his parents won't allow him to change his religion and so we should split up.

Eugenia, since you mention people should have an astrological comparison cast before falling in love, I did. It seemed that this person was meant to be my soul mate. Was this person ever serious about me? Will he come back in my life? Or is this the end for us? I was born, July 20, 2000, at 3:45 p.m. -- Cancer

Dear CANCER: Yes, indeed, your astrological comparison is good, but another match to someone else might be even better. Don't lose hope. Family and religion play huge factors in whether a relationship will work. It's unfortunate that this type of intervention takes place, but it does.

You have been going through a high cycle regarding love and will continue to most of this year, so venture out and meet new people. Keep in mind that you are still very young and that you should be enjoying your youth, going to school and building a life of your own before you undertake such a venture as marriage.

Keep in mind that you asked this young man to give up his religion for you, but did you offer to do the same in return? Perhaps your parents might have the same reaction.

What's your hurry? Your chart indicates that you will get married. Time is on your side, and ending up with someone you have a loving and equal relationship with should be your goal. Getting involved in a relationship where your family or your chosen partner's family do not get along is not ideal.

Dear Eugenia: I am looking for a new job and am feeling very insecure about this. I worry about doing terribly, whether during an interview or if I do get the job, and I worry about getting the wrong position.

I am also unsure about how to proceed with my relationship. My boyfriend, born April 5, 1997, at 2:12 p.m., stood by me through the most challenging times of my life last year. Both of us are very serious about this relationship, even if it's often a bumpy road with our personality differences and difficulties in our personal lives. However, my mother, born Dec. 7, 1972, is firmly against this relationship. As I felt the prolonged conflict was leading us nowhere, I have lied to her about seeing him.

I feel that we need time, maybe a year or even four, before I can try to convince her again. Lying is making me very uncomfortable. I also fear that the truth might be discovered while I wait for the right time to tell her, and this will only make things worse in the future. I was born July 4, 1998, at 1:20 p.m. -- Worried Crab

Dear WORRIED CRAB: Uncertainty regarding work, doing a good job, liking what you do and so on and so forth, is something that shows up in your natal chart. It's not that you can't find a job or do a good job; it's more about being stuck in a position that is boring, not living out your dreams and most of all, being self-critical.

Stop second-guessing what you want to do, and start doing. You are just turning twenty-one this year, and you have your whole life ahead of you. The jobs you take on during your twenties are going to prepare you for what you will eventually end up doing. They are not permanent -- just learning processes that will carry you forward as you mature and discover how you really want to spend your time.

Honesty is the best policy. Hiding your feelings for this young man from your mother is adding stress to your life. The comparison between your mother and your boyfriend is actually quite good. If she would only give him a chance, they could become very close.

Her chart denotes that she doesn't think he is good enough for you, but she also hasn't taken the time to really get to know him. The time to confess will never be ideal, but it must be addressed, and the sooner it is, the better. Make sure she realizes how much this man has been there for you and how much he means to you. Ask her to give him a chance.

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