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Dear Eugenia For June 02, 2019

Dear Eugenia: Please help me with my family issues. I am so sad, as my lovely granddaughter (born Dec. 20, 1997, at 6:07 p.m.) and her boyfriend (born Nov. 21, 1993) were arrested for burglary and are awaiting further charges in jail two hours away.

What makes this situation harder is that her boyfriend has the same first name and looks similar to my granddaughter's father, born June 28, 1974, at 8:19 a.m., who is in prison for molesting my granddaughter.

The entire family is so upset, as we have tried to help her, but she is addicted to this boy. She has never been in trouble, but he has an outstanding warrant. Is she destined to have bad experiences with men? Did I fail her and her father? I was born on June 7, 1958, at 8:51 p.m.

Thank you for any insight you can give. -- Worried Grandmother

Dear WORRIED GRANDMOTHER: Your natal chart suggests that when it comes to children you will experience difficulties emotionally that stem from a long line of family history, DNA and karma. The past year this area of your chart has been hit hard and caused you to blame yourself for something that isn't your fault.

Your granddaughter's chart does not show signs of sorrow when it comes to men. Yes, she does make poor decisions emotionally, but it doesn't mean she cannot learn from this grave mistake and get her life together. This past year her chart has also suffered some difficult transits that will continue until late this year. After that, with better influences, she can make a comeback. Her comparison with the man in question isn't as tight or addictive as you think. Yes, there is a physical attraction, but mentally they don't really connect all that well.

Her Scorpio boyfriend's chart isn't the best. Although he does have charm, charisma and the ability to smooth-talk and manipulate his way in and out of situations, it may be difficult for him to do so this time around given the transits he is going through now and during the next couple of years. This should give you and your loved ones a chance to help your granddaughter move forward.

Your son, on the other hand, does have long-term problems that create sorrow when it comes to women of all ages. Although he has some favorable transits beginning at the end of this year, he will probably never be completely devoid of his issues with women.

Dear Eugenia: My love life has been fleeting lately. Scratch that -- forever! I can never seem to connect with anyone for longer than a few months. I try to lower my standards, compromise, step out of my comfort zone, etc. It doesn't matter what I do, they all end as quickly as they begin.

I have recently found myself attracted to two guys: An old flame from college (born July 17, 1988) and a guy who works at my job (age 22, birthdate unknown).

Can you tell me if I have anything to look forward to in the near or distant future? Would I be wasting my time with either guy? -- Cancer

Dear CANCER: Part of the problem is that when it comes to love, you always pick partners that are inconsistent and relationships that are uncertain due to the differences between you, your backgrounds or your status in society. You are looking for romance and the dream of a happy forever relationship with the knight in shining armor. Unfortunately, the men who often appear as knights are also usually the bad boys or the players.

You are in a high cycle this year regarding love. Your chart indicates you will meet someone through a dating service, singles event or while pursuing something educational, fitness-oriented or while traveling.

Regarding the men in question, not having the younger man's birth data makes it impossible to speculate. However, the comparison with your old flame shows trust and loyalty issues even though you have an emotional attachment. My suggestion is to leave the past behind you. It's time to pursue someone new.

Dear Eugenia: I follow you because you make timing an art form! I hope you can help provide some insight. I was born May 11, 1983, at 1:11 a.m. While I've had some interesting and rare opportunities come my way, I also feel a bit directionless and a little sad that I haven't yet been able to finish personal goals, like starting a family and having my own business. I'm adventurous and ambitious, often impulsive, and timing is not my forte. Can you please share your thoughts with me on when and how I should start making some smart moves? -- Wandering Taurus

Dear WANDERING TAURUS: He who hesitates is lost, or so they say. It's not uncommon for Taurus-born individuals to take the safe route. However, in your case, having a strong Sagittarius influence in your chart, the desire for excitement and adventure is prevalent. The drawback is that you also have a couple of other influences in your chart that make you second-guess or embrace the choices that aren't necessarily the most practical.

Yes, timing is an issue, but it doesn't mean you cannot be successful. You are ambitious, and this year is the time to take a leap of faith. The transit that moved into place for you began last fall and will only be in place until the end of the year, so I suggest you stop contemplating your next move and enforce what you want to see happen.

Don't wait for something to transpire; make it happen. You've got what it takes as long as you follow through.

Your desire for love, marriage and all that stuff will be stronger next year when Saturn touches off an area of your chart that deals with relationships. Don't let taking on the role of a stepmother deter you from getting involved with someone.

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