Dear Eugenia by Eugenia Last

Dear Eugenia For June 16, 2019

Dear Eugenia: Are you using your abilities to find cures for disease? Do you need any help? Am I a good enough psychic to pursue anything on my own? Where is a good place to apply my skills? Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. I know you're incredibly busy and talented. I was born on Aug. 26, 1982, at 7:23 a.m. -- Virgo

Dear VIRGO: Astrology is a mathematical science and interpretive art. The art of timing, not psychic. Everyone is intuitive. However, some tend to use their intuitions more than others. My difficulty with psychics is that they usually don't study the art of astrology to help back the way they feel. There are transits we encounter throughout life that magnify our intuitive abilities and transits that cloud our ability to tune in accurately. This is why having the astrological knowledge to back the way you feel is so important.

Astrology is a subject that should be taught in school. It would help children develop a tolerance for others by fully understanding it's OK that we are not all the same and that everyone has something unique to bring to the table.

My research has to do with preventive medicine, not cures. I'm looking for transits that show poor health and when an individual is likely to fall ill. Early diagnosis is crucial and can save many lives. As mentioned, timing is everything.

The data I'm collecting at regarding cancer and mental health is to determine a pattern in charts that makes a person susceptible to such illnesses and to detect when such disease is likely to strike.

Regarding your psychic ability, yes, it does show up in your chart, but so does misuse of the power. It is essential to continue to learn. I am often asked how long it took me to master my craft. My answer is always the same, "At least another ten lifetimes."

Dear Eugenia: I'm hoping you will help me with compatibility before I take the risk of going big or going home by revealing my feelings to someone. I was born May 6, 1973, at 3:47 a.m. Their birthdate is April 24, 1991.

It all started with a simple smile and hello when we happened to see each other in passing over the summer in public. Three months later, I happened to go into where the said person works, not knowing they worked there. Ever since then, we've gradually developed some sort of friendship (our jobs are in the same lot).

Lately, I think we might be flirting, but am unsure (when I talk to my closest friends about what, they think so).

Any insight you could give me would be much appreciated. -- Taurus

Dear TAURUS: The desire to make a romantic move is due to transiting Uranus confronting your natal Mercury in an area of your chart that deals with how you view and deal with potential partners. What this means is that the planet that represents the unexpected, taking swift action and being unpredictable is tinkering with your need to be vocal about the way you feel. I urge you to hold off until you have had more time to think this one through.

The comparison with your Taurus friend does denote attraction, but it also harbors deception and sorrow. You by far have the stronger Taurus characteristics. Your friend, although charming and witty and bright, has some fickle qualities that may cause a problem moving forward.

I believe this relationship is best left as friendship unless you are just looking for a short-term encounter.

Your chart indicates that you are in a high cycle regarding love and relationships until late fall. I'd hate to see you waste this transit on someone likely to play with your heart.

Dear Eugenia: I feel stuck in several areas of life: health, career and love. I have been a fan of yours for years. I have been chatting with someone online born Feb. 8, 1952, who seems to be kind. Should I meet him? As far as health, I'm trying to lose weight. Several years ago I had my thyroid removed. Thyroid cancer has been all gone thankfully since 2015, but I put on the extra weight, and now I'm struggling to take it off. My birthday is May 17, 1971, at 4:02 a.m. -- Stuck

Dear STUCK: Regarding health, staying on top of health issues, as I'm sure you are well aware, is essential. Your chart indicates problems where chronic health is concerned. However, fortunately, the area of your chart that deals with terminal illness looks relatively clear.

Weight gain can be stressful. However, you will head into a transit beginning 2021 that will make it easier to stick to a diet/fitness program. For now, make your priorities maintaining your weight and staying healthy.

How you earn your living is heading into a benevolent period this year and next. Between now and the late spring of next year, it is also a favorable time for interviews, picking up additional skills or making a move geographically to an area where there are more significant job opportunities. This fall, in particular, will be favorable when it comes to landing a job or receiving a promotion.

Where love and romance are concerned, you aren't the best when it comes to choosing partners. You tend to give too much and get too little in return. You also attract people who can be controlling. Your current interest, although charming, indicates some anger and indulgence issues. You do not match up well emotionally, mentally or physically. The comparison shows uncertainty, and it's probably best for you to take a pass. Please be sure to have an astrological comparison before you get involved.

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