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Dear Eugenia For May 26, 2019

Dear Eugenia: I reached out to you in the fall after a relationship ended unexpectedly. Since then that person continues to be in my life -- now as a friend, as he is in another relationship, but the lines have been blurry at times. I don't expect to date him again, but our connection is strong. I don't have his complete birth data, but he was born June 5, 1972, and his moon is in Pisces.

In February I started dating an old friend, and the situation is a bit complicated, partly because it's long-distance. I don't know that it will last, and therefore, I'm trying to be careful how much I invest emotionally. The time we have spent together has been really good. We have a lot of affection for each other after many years of knowing one another, but it feels like he is careful not to make himself emotionally available -- or that's my interpretation. His birth data is Jan. 7, 1971, at 10:30 p.m.

Should I focus on moving on from both situations? Maybe get more distance from my ex and look for someone else to date? Or is it OK to let things unfold as they are now? My birth data is Dec. 3, 1970, at 4:20 a.m. -- It's Complicated

Dear IT'S COMPLICATED: Without your ex-boyfriend's girlfriend's birth data, I cannot say whether he will be single in the not-so-distant future or if he matches up better to her than he does to you. What I can tell you is that your comparison with him is certainly much better than who you are involved with now. That being said, the better choice is unavailable, so it's time to move on and start anew.

This year should be spent making personal changes that will enhance your lifestyle, earning capability or taking care of unfinished business involving past lovers or pending problems. As we head into the end of this year until the fall of next year, you will be in a much higher cycle regarding love and finding that forever partner.

Dear Eugenia: I was in a three-year friendship with a guy that ended in December 2017. We used to text each other every day, and our friendship was mainly texting, meeting up, dancing and going for a coffee once in a while.

He wanted more, but I didn't because he wasn't physically attracted to me. One day he ended our friendship because during our texting he didn't like my reply to something he had said. I was hurt by the way he handled it, and it took me some time to accept he was no longer there for me.

Since then, the few times I have seen him I ignored him. The only place I get to see him now is the dance place, and I feel uncomfortable that we don't talk to each other. I would like to rekindle our friendship, but I don't know how to go about it without looking needy or being rejected. I was born on May 12, 1957, and he was born July 15, 1959, times unknown. -- Lost Friendship

Dear LOST FRIENDSHIP: Your Cancer friend thinks like a Leo and loves like a Virgo, and his emotions are influenced by the sign Scorpio. This combination makes him proud and unlikely to forgive and forget. However, the comparison also indicates he was and is physically attracted to you. It also denotes that one or both of you has not been completely honest with your feelings.

If you really want to reunite with this man, you'd better be sure you want more than a dance partner or friendship. Hurt him once and he may be persuaded to give you a second chance; hurt him twice and he's gone forever. If you just want a friend, let him go. He'll settle for nothing less than a forever relationship.

Dear Eugenia: How can we guide our son if he's not willing to listen? He isn't paying attention and he's falling behind in his studies. He is misbehaving, being stubborn, showing anger and keeping poor company, which is resulting in bad habits and not communicating.

Any help is appreciated. He was born Nov. 28, 2002, at 11:45 a.m. -- Worried Parents

Dear WORRIED PARENTS: Your boy has been going through a very difficult few years. This year in particular he is prone to overreact, be indulgent and try things he shouldn't. His chart indicates that substance abuse, along with behavior that could get him into trouble at school and with authority figures, is certainty a possibility.

His chart also indicates he lands on his feet and gets away with things over and over again. He has what I refer to as a spoon-fed chart. He has the charm to weasel his way out of situations, and because he has gotten away with it in the past, he continues to push the envelope.

With transiting Saturn moving through an area of his chart that deals with institutions and facilities, he could very easily end up being kicked out of school or put in detention by the end of the year if he doesn't change his ways.

His home environment indicates he has been able to get away with things with or without you knowing. Either he was sneaky enough to do so or you turned a blind eye.

The biggest shame is that he has such a good chart. If he could channel his energy into something he loves to do, it would make all the difference in the world. He's creative, smart and entertaining, but he needs structure, guidance and people he can talk to honestly. His turning point was 2017 when he experienced his half-life Saturn and decided he was bored and wanted to form friendships with people he shouldn't.

His chart indicates he may have talent where physical or creative ability is required. However, if he has turned his interests to illicit behavior, he may have to learn the hard way.

If you can tempt him with activities or a hobby that he used to enjoy, you may be able to convince him to pour his energy into something more constructive.

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