Dear Eugenia For May 19, 2019

Dear Eugenia: I've been in bad relationships my whole life, and I had a bad marriage I had to end. The men I meet who have decent jobs or things going on in their lives don't feel I'm good enough for them.

I'm a decent woman who works hard, and I believe I'm attractive for my age. Please tell me how I can meet interesting men who will want to take the time to get to know me. I'm so tired of being alone, and I feel as though I will never meet a good man who will love me.

My birthday is June 1, 1969. I'm hoping you can tell me if I will be alone for the rest of my life and if I will be OK. -- Lonely Gemini

Dear LONELY GEMINI: Your chart doesn't indicate sorrow, but it does denote that you make poor choices when it comes to emotional matters. It's true you have a heart of gold and you are willing to give the wrong men a chance when you shouldn't, but where the trouble begins is within.

The image you project to others is what makes you attract the wrong type of partner. Without your time of birth it's difficult to say what the outcome will be regarding life and love. However, what I can tell you is your chart doesn't designate you will be alone. In fact, you have always attracted men and always will, but who you let into your life and where you meet men will determine how healthy your relationships will be moving forward.

Demand respect, and only pay attention to men of equal status. Attend events for singles, join interest groups and go places that are conducive to meeting other hardworking people trying to make their way through life.

You are in a high cycle for love and romance until the end of the year. Don't waste it on men who aren't good for you. Leo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius are your best matchups.

Dear Eugenia: I like this guy. His date of birth is Aug. 30, 1992. I am not sure about his birth time. I was born Jan. 3, 1990, at 5 a.m. Is it possible for me to get married to him in 2020? We used to be in a romantic relationship, but we broke up in 2016. Can we get together again? -- Capricorn

Dear CAPRICORN: You have just finished going through your first Saturn return. This has made you reevaluate your life up until this point and is the cause for your second thoughts regarding your Virgo man.

The comparison between the two of you is actually quite good, and it's a shame you broke up. Your chart suggests there may have been meddling from friends or family or a nasty disagreement due to his natal Mars being adversely positioned to your natal Moon. As for his chart, it's uncertain without having his time of birth what might have triggered the end of your relationship.

Some of his Virgo planets fall in an area of your chart that deals with communication, learning experiences and dealing with friends and relatives, while his Venus and Moon (love and emotions) fall in an area that deals with status and can be quite good for marriage.

If you feel you made a mistake, the best thing to do is communicate with him. Share your feelings, and find out how he feels about you. Between now and the end of June and again in October will be good times to resolve your issues and discuss the possibility of resuming your relationship. Getting married in 2020 thru 2022 looks promising.

Dear Eugenia: First of all, thank you so much. Your website is a lifesaver.

My problem is I quit my last job in December then went on vacation, but I haven't found a job since.

When I went on vacation, I had so many options, and in my mind, I felt that one of those options would definitely work. But now all the options are gone. I'm really feeling hopeless and have no idea what's going to happen. When will this change, and when will my life get back to normal?

The last couple of years I haven't met a single person who I could love or have feelings for. Love has completely gone out of my life. What do I do to change this? I was born Oct. 18, 1997, at 11:35 p.m. -- Libra

Dear LIBRA: You are just 22 years old and have your whole life in front of you. Quitting your job without having a plan in place was definitely a learning experience you won't forget. You may want to consider new options and what you really want to do with the rest of your life.

For the rest of this year you have transiting Jupiter moving through an area of your chart that deals with creativity, socializing and networking. An area of your chart indicates apprenticeships, educational pursuits and upgrading your qualifications to encourage getting a job that will hold your interest are to be considered.

With transiting Saturn affecting work, home and your relationships, it's not a surprise you're feeling the pinch of unemployment as well as a lack of relationships. This will also play havoc with your chart until the end of the year.

2019 is a learning year for you. Get started, and put in the work required to ensure you are never left in a position like this again. If you follow through, put in the time and work hard, you will see a marked improvement throughout 2020.

When it comes to love, don't be too eager to find your forever partner. With your natal Venus in the sign Sagittarius, it's best that you give yourself a chance to live life before you settle down. When the time is right, the opportunity will present you with someone who can hold your interest. You are in a high romantic cycle this July, August and September if you socialize. An Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius or Aquarius is favored.

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