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Dear Eugenia For May 12, 2019

Dear Eugenia: I have been reading your work for years. God bless you and yours. For 10 years now I have been losing everything in my life: my home, my mother, my son and now the love of my life. There is a dark cloud around me; I feel it, taste it and smell it. Will I ever come into the light again and achieve abundance, love, stability and good health? I was born March 26, 1953, at 11:47 p.m. -- Aries

Dear ARIES: You've had a rough ride, and although you are still battling some challenges, the worst is over and positive options appear to be heading your way.

Your chart indicates you should be evaluating what's happened and considering what you want to do. A move to a new location that has better opportunities or lower overhead should be considered. Don't rule out falling in love again; you'll be in a high cycle November and December and should try to work on getting your life back on track between now and then.

It's easy to get into a slump when things go wrong or when you lose loved ones, and it takes strength and courage to pick yourself up and start over. Happiness begins within, making it vital for you to concentrate on your health, standard of living and how you can improve your life. With Jupiter moving through an area of your chart that deals with how you view others and past, present and future relationships, it can bring someone from your past back into your life as well as new love interests.

Your chart suggests your life has a lot to do with karma and that what you have valued in the past isn't where you should be directing your energy now. Taking a positive step in a direction that has more to do with personal growth and spirituality will encourage you to make better choices and attract positive people.

It's difficult for Aries to let go of control and to trust the universe to guide them to a better place. You also have a strong Taurus and Leo influence that makes you very proud. Asking for help isn't easy for you, and relying on help from others can be excruciatingly painful. That's something you have to overcome.

Dear Eugenia: You were very kind to help me with a very nasty divorce I was going through which is now final. My ex is a Capricorn born on Dec. 27, 1956, at 9:03 a.m. I am a Scorpio, born Oct. 25, 1957, at 3:03 p.m. You were spot-on in your advice to me. I feel he caved on many of his demands with our divorce, as I believe his girlfriend/fiancée wanted a quick end to our 20-year marriage. She (born June 17, 1971) has been married and divorced four times and wants a fast marriage to my ex. They were engaged while my ex and I were still married. I'm glad to say I am now meeting new people, experiencing new adventures and finding out who I am again.

I have many challenges now in finding employment at 61 years of age to support myself, finance my home and provide for my two dogs. Although I consider myself an independent, smart woman, I would like to know where my challenging months and situations might be for the remainder of 2019. This is for work, love and general living. I want to be prepared to face situations as best I can. Thank you very much. -- Scorpio

Dear SCORPIO: Since last fall you should have been updating your skills, taking courses or even changing your vocational direction, or at least looking into what you might like to do to earn your living. That transit will be with you until the fall, so get moving.

Your chart shows promise in communication, real estate, finance, travel industry and sales. It really depends on you and what you want to get into at this stage of your life. Perhaps something to do with animals/pets would be a possibility.

Transiting Saturn has been causing uncertainty where work and partnerships are concerned and will continue to plague you until the beginning of next year, so for now you are best to pick up information, experience, knowledge and skills that will help you get into something that will bring in enough cash as well as bring you some joy.

You'll be more inclined to make a move later this year or next that is related to a job, someone you meet or to lower your overhead. Romance is in a high cycle this year, so it's good that you are getting out and socializing.

Dear Eugenia: I had my daughter on Jan. 28, 2019, and her father still has yet to come around into her life. He knows she is in existence, and I've tried reaching out, but he has forced me to take other measures and go to the state for child support. I am hoping this situation gets better.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Also, my new partner who has been with me through my whole pregnancy and I have been arguing lots lately, and it's always about trying to get closer and talk more when I'm always busy. I do try and make time for him, but with schoolwork and my daughter, I've got my hands full. Will we be able to work through times like this, or should it come to an end? His birthday is April 14, 1995, and I was born Nov. 23, 2000. -- Sagittarius

Dear SAGITTARIUS: Without your time of birth, it's difficult to be specific. I might also add that you should have included your daughter's time of birth and the father's birth data as well. Having enough information to do a proper job is critical for the type of information you are asking. However, given the situation, I felt compelled to run a comparison between you and your new man so you don't waste time or make the same mistake with him.

Your Aries man doesn't match up to you well enough to agonize over whether to appease him. Start thinking about your long-term future and caring for your daughter, getting support from your ex and studying hard so you can give your daughter the life she deserves.

The comparison between you and your daughter is decent for a parent-child relationship, but truth will matter, and it's vital that you don't try to hide things from her or lie about your past as she grows up and starts asking questions or you will lose her trust, and in turn, she will not be honest with you.

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