Dear Eugenia For April 21, 2019

Dear Eugenia: In August 2018, my partner of five years broke up with me. I was born March 2, 1993, at 8:01 p.m., and in my chart Venus is very afflicted; the only saving grace is that it's in the 7th house. Being a Libra Riser, relationships are always my focus. I need to know if this man is coming back into my life and what is in store in my love life.

I see that I'm going through a Saturn square Venus transit right now. I've gone through the Pluto square Venus also during the time of this relationship. My former boyfriend was born Jan. 21, 1987, and he was going through a Neptune square Venus transit. He is adding so many women to his online profile, and it is so hard for me to watch this. Please help me. -- Pisces

Dear PISCES: Transiting Saturn adversely positioned to your natal Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus has certainly played a factor in your relationship problems. Unfortunately, this transit is not over and will continue to plague you until the end of the year.

On a positive note, transiting Jupiter is also influencing your cardinal planets in a favorable way, offering greater opportunities to actually find someone more suitable. Sometimes transiting Saturn can be a blessing in disguise and the push needed to move on with your life.

On one hand you are hurt, but you want this man back in your life. This would be a poor decision on your part. Should you decide to let this man continue to play with your emotions, you will miss out on the favorable transits that are geared toward meeting someone new.

Your ex-partner falls in an area of your chart that deals with socializing, not marriage. He may be born under the sign Aquarius, but his natal Venus is in the sign Sagittarius, making him a playboy and bachelor at heart.

With your natal Neptune and Venus at odds with one another in areas that deal with relationships and your home environment, it is vital you choose the right partner. Please be sure to have an astrological comparison done before you get involved with someone new.

Dear Eugenia: My son Sept. 16, 2003, and I (born Sept. 25, 1966, at 12:35 p.m.) always seem to be at odds. I worry about school and him being responsible. He's very headstrong, and I feel he lacks compromise.

When will this arguing/debating end? I feel like it's damaging our relationship and causing me anxiety. I also feel worn out and want peace in our home. -- Libra Mom

Dear LIBRA MOM: Although it is obvious by your astrological comparison with your son that you have a mother/son bond, the bottom line is you have little in common and do not communicate well with one another due to the lack of connection between one another's natal Mercury.

This and the unsightly transits you have both been experiencing since last fall are the culprits, causing you both to overreact and fly off the handle. It's a wonder matters aren't worse. The good news is this period will come to pass as the year comes to a close.

The outcome, however, will still be very dependent on how you both respond to one another between now and then. Without your son's time of birth, it's difficult for me to be specific regarding his problems or concerns right now. However, what I can tell you is that he has been experiencing a lot of uncertainty regarding what he wants to do, some excessive behavior and definitely confusion. Try not to add to that by using criticism when what he needs is positive support and suggestions to help him stabilize his life moving forward.

This young man is going through his first half-life Saturn. It's a learning experience and will end soon. Hopefully what you have taught him up to this point will be enough to help him make better choices next year.

Dear Eugenia: I'm an Aries (born April 11, 1988, at 2:05 p.m.). I have been seeing this man (born Feb. 13, 1979) since October. Initially we were just friends with benefits. However, in January we became officially boyfriend and girlfriend. I am in school (hopefully graduating in December 2019).

We have decided to move in together in June. He makes me really happy. That being said, before I met him, I was planning on moving away after graduation. He has no plans on leaving our current location until his grandmother passes away (which could be a while). I am OK with this; I just don't want to stay here forever because the weather makes my depression symptoms worse it seems.

He agreed that he would be open to moving someday. I guess I am curious as to if things will work out and we will someday move. -- Aries

Dear ARIES: You do match up to your Aquarius man quite well, but you haven't been together very long, so making that kind of commitment is difficult at this stage of your relationship. Living together is a good idea, but should an opportunity come up professionally that takes you to a warmer location, you shouldn't turn it down.

You just completed your first Saturn return, and you are also experiencing a transit that shows opportunities that will encourage you to make a move to further your professional goals. If you don't apply for such positions or you turn down an opportunity because of this relationship, resentment will follow.

Given the match, it could stand the test of a long-distance relationship until he is free to join you indefinitely.

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