Dear Eugenia For March 10, 2019

Dear Eugenia: I have been single for most of my life and was in a dead-end relationship for almost 10 years that I finally broke free from. I am starting to feel hopeless about ever meeting someone who feels like the one.

I am interested in no one these days and unattracted to almost everyone. However, I am still yearning for companionship and someone who matches me in every way. I am trying not to lose hope that one day I will find someone whom I admire and someone who is emotionally available and admires me in return.

I am doing an impeccable job at loving myself and enjoying my own company, but I fear I am getting used to being alone. What is in store for me? I was born March 4, 1979, at 4:54 a.m. -- Perplexed Pisces

Dear PERPLEXED PISCES: Your desire for a change in the romance department is well-founded given the astrological transits you have been and continue to experience this year. Although it makes you want to find true love, it also creates uncertainty and fear of choosing the wrong partner.

Loving who you are and enjoying your own company is good, but you still need to participate in events, activities and functions that interest you. This is how you will come in contact with people who share your interests, beliefs and chosen lifestyle.

Relationships are never perfect. Finding someone you want to cozy up to and still love even with his or her flaws is what it's all about. Don't look for perfection; look for the person who brings the best out in you and vice versa.

Late March/early April, late June/early July, late July/early August, early October/early November are all good times to find love this year, so don't sit at home waiting for someone special to show up at your door.

Dear Eugenia: I have asked you for help in the past regarding my marriage to my husband born Jan. 15, 1956, at 11 a.m. I was born Nov. 27, 1958, at 6 p.m. We have two daughters born April 21, 1983, at 8:31 a.m. and Feb. 7, 1991, at 4:27 a.m.

I have been hoping for but have not seen any improvement in my husband's behavior toward me. Instead he has mentioned to me that he "does not see any future for us."

Also, my daughters have cut their communication with me. My older daughter at least responds to my emails (although not right away), but my younger daughter does not respond to my emails, phone calls or texts. The three of them are against me. 

How do I bring and keep my family together? I am so tired of trying, trying and trying. Nothing seems to work. Please advise. -- Sad Sagittarius

DEAR SAD SAGITTARIUS: The transit your husband was going through when you reached out to me in the past has moved on. It was causing confusion and uncertainty. I refer to it as a make-it-or-break-it phase. Based on the comparison between you and your husband, I felt once he started to see clearly, he would have a change of heart. Unfortunately, that change was to walk away. This usually happens when too much has gone wrong and the damage cannot be fixed. 

He now has transiting Jupiter moving through an area of his chart that deals with contracts (this includes marriage). I still believe his chart indicates confusion and uncertainty, but the physical distance between you has pushed him toward moving on without you. 

Living in different states has not helped, and unless you are both willing to close the miles between you, I do not see how you can resolve this matter or bring your family together.

Your children are old enough to make decisions and offer insight into how they perceive the relationship between their parents. Listen and learn. 

You have transiting Saturn moving through and area of your chart that deals with legalities, which means you may be fighting a losing battle. Nonetheless, marriage should not be thrown away without communication in hopes of finding a resolution. Distance can make the heart grow fonder for someone nearer. I suggest you talk face to face.

Dear Eugenia: I am looking for a spiritual journey and seeking my guru. When do I meet him, and how will I progress in my journey? I am also intending to work for a few more years. When will I get a job and where? I was born July 27, 1958, at 7:36 p.m. -- Leo

Dear LEO: Your search and desire to begin a spiritual journey was certainly triggered the past 18 months by situations that transpired in your life during the past four years, but caution must also be taken when looking for someone to lead you.

Having the planet Neptune stationed in an area of your chart that deals with spirituality is a splendid placement to open your heart to spirituality. However, with this planet being adversely positioned to your natal Sun and Mars, it isn't likely you will make the best choice by following someone.

"What am I trying to achieve?" and "What are my beliefs?" and "What is in my heart?" are questions you should ask yourself. Consider if the best journey isn't following a path of goodness, integrity and being at peace within.

Regarding work, try using your skills creatively. Update your resume to address trends, and market what you have to offer differently. Keeping up with the times will help you achieve your goal. Be prepared to manufacture your destiny to suit what you want to achieve. With transiting Jupiter moving through an area of your chart that deals with professional goals, you should be able to find a position.

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