Dear Eugenia For February 17, 2019

Dear Eugenia: I'm a senior who has worked hard all my life, yet I have not been able to get rid of my mortgage. This brings financial stress to my life. Do you see a bright light for me, at the end of the tunnel? I was born Jan. 25, 1948, at 11:50 a.m.

My husband's birthdate is March 26, 1944. We can never seem to put any money away for retirement. Does this mean we will have to work until we pass away? Any thoughts or suggestions on how best to move forward?

We are both getting tired of the day-to-day grind and being worried about being able to avoid ending up homeless. -- Anxious Aquarius

Dear ANXIOUS AQUARIUS: Your chart indicates you certainly have the capacity to earn a living. However, hanging on to your cash is another issue. You were born with a planetary setup in your chart that denotes uncertainty with regard to money coming in and going out. This particular area of your chart represents not only how you earn your living but also joint finances, winnings, inheritance and how you handle your cash. This year you will experience a transit that is conducive to a financial gain. This can in due to a buyout by your employer, contract renewal, gift, inheritance or perhaps by winning it. If you play the lotteries, only buy one ticket. If you are to win, that's all you need. Keep in mind you also have to be luckier than the millions of people who have also purchased a ticket. Your lucky numbers are 9, 13, 20, 24, 38 and 43.

With transiting Saturn moving across the top of your chart, it influences your home and domestic environment, and this can cause restrictions and stress, which is why you are feeling the pinch. Talk to an expert on how best to manage your money and your assets. Selling your home and sizing down may be the answer and could possibly buy you peace of mind.

Regarding your husband, without a time of birth, I cannot be specific, but it appears he will have some interesting transits this year as well that can result in an opportunity to get his finances in order.

Dear Eugenia: I was widowed in 2013. I approached grief and emotional turmoil with therapy, meditation, etc. I now feel I want to start searching for another partner to spend the rest of my life with.

I was born July 18, 1960, at 1:50 p.m. What is the ideal match for my birth chart interpretation? Where are the strong and weak points in my chart? What is my best choice or place to meet a woman?

I'm tired of being lonely and need to move forward with my life. -- Cancer

DEAR CANCER: You have been in a high cycle regarding love and meeting potential partners since last fall. Problem being, if you weren't out socializing or hadn't already joined a dating site or gotten involved in an activity you enjoy, you may not have met anyone yet.

Your chart states you will meet someone through any of the suggestions made and that you are not likely to spend the rest of your life alone. You are a passionate man who does best when in a relationship with a good woman. With transiting Saturn favorably situated to the area of your chart that deals with relationships this year, you should have no trouble finding someone special.

The signs best suited to you are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. When you do meet someone special, you should have an astrological comparison cast, as you also have your natal Neptune and Venus in a precarious position to one another, which can cause sorrow if the partner you choose has planets in her natal chart that adversely hook up to this placement in your chart.

Dear Eugenia: I'm graduating college in three months and still feel lost. I used to love the program I chose, but I'm unsure now. I have lost my passion for it since the 2017. I do not think I am deserving of the diploma I would be receiving due to the way I feel. I can't seem to find my way back. What should I do? Am I really meant to be an engineer? Does my natal chart say otherwise?

I'm confused, and I don't know which way to turn. Have I been wasting time I'll never get back? I'm at a loss. Please help. I was born Sept. 15, 1997, at 9:58 p.m. -- Virgo

Dear VIRGO: I get why you went into engineering with your Virgo Sun placement, but there is also a creative and imaginative side to you that makes you dream of making your money doing something you feel passionate about doing. Just because you chose and will graduate in a lucrative field like engineering doesn't mean you have to abandon your dreams, hopes and wishes for the future.

Once you graduate, give this field a chance and make some money. This will give you the leverage to take courses that will provide you with the experience and background to work away at something you enjoy more. Should you decide to walk away from using what you have spent so much time mastering, you will have regrets because deep inside you being able to afford the things you want will be dependent on what you do.

Your chart indicates you will probably continue to study for at least the next three to four years. However, it also shows the promise of work, contracts and making cash through your chosen field. I've always believed you need to be able to support yourself, and if you feel passionate about following your dream, you will make the effort and the time to do so.

Your chart shows your interests are creative, helpful and unique and that you can achieve success following this path. However, combining both elements (making money and doing what you love) will be what makes you the happiest as you mature.

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