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Dear Eugenia For February 10, 2019

Dear Eugenia: I lost many people: my grandmother, brother-in-law and my dad.

I am speech- and hearing-impaired. Many feel I can't work in my field because of it, but it works out.

I had to take a position that is a bit of a commute. No close jobs available. I have interviews in Nashville and have been thinking of moving. Should I risk moving if I am offered a position? I realize it will be a difficult adjustment even if my new co-workers take time to get to know me. Sometimes it takes two or three job changes till a place accepts me.

My family is in Nashville, and I'd like a change. Work is going as well as I can expect right now, so I'm torn between staying and going. Also, I've applied to some government jobs where I'm living, but it is more than a long shot. Should I stay put or go? I was born Oct. 8, 1961, at 6 a.m. -- Libra in Limbo

Dear LIBRA IN LIMBO: Your chart indicates this past year you were hankering for a change and probably should have made one late last summer or early fall. When it comes to where you live, family and domestic decisions you have always felt reluctant or uncertain regarding what to do. This is an aspect in your chart that tends to throw your timing off, hence the hesitation to make a move when you should have.

Applying for positions in Nashville was smart, and you should continue to do so. It would be good for you to be around family. Between now and late fall of this year, you should be able to rely on getting help from old friends, colleagues or relatives. Reach out and see if anyone knows of a position that might suit your needs.

You are heading into your second Saturn return, and although this can be a time of reevaluation, it is also not a bad time to go back to your roots and reconnect with people from your past. This is where your strength appears to be over the next 18 months to two years, so don't waste it pondering over what to do.

Positive change takes place when you take action so start the ball rolling by contacting people and family for assistance. A government job should not be ignored. Apply there as well. Your chart indicates that you should be working in the medical sector or government, financial or correctional institutions.

Dear Eugenia: I'm hoping you can provide insight or guidance on how I can move forward from the state of mind I have been in for the past little while. I was born Dec. 5, 1991, at 2:02 a.m. Another year and another birthday and nothing has changed.

I have a decent career, loving and supporting family, yet I'm unhappy and lonely and feel as if the best years of my life have already passed me by. 

I have been so focused on my career that I now find it difficult to navigate the dating scene and have yet to have a romantic relationship. Is there any hope for me? I really want to find love, start a family, etc. Who do I best match up with? Is there timing for any of this in my future, or am I destined to be alone and unhappy? Should I move?

I am a perfectionist and am very hard on myself, which adds to my self-esteem and self-confidence issues. Is there any hope that things will turn around for me and that I will feel more content? Please help. -- Sad Sag

DEAR SAD SAG: Why so hard on yourself? You've been doing exactly what you were supposed to be doing. Your timing is impeccable, and regarding love, you have plenty of time to find love, start a family and move into that phase of your life. In fact, your astrological timing for such events begins in 2020, so relax and start to get out more and socialize. Choose activities and events you enjoy, and you will meet someone who shares your common interests.

Regarding your self-esteem and being hard on yourself, that goes part and parcel with being successful. You were born with your natal Jupiter in the critical sign Virgo, and it does sit adversely positioned to your natal Mercury and Mars, so you are tough on yourself especially with regard to being successful. This year while transiting Jupiter is passing through the constellation Sagittarius, it should help you lighten up a bit, at least enough to get out and have some fun.

You could attract potential partners, but you may be a little picky when it comes to choosing one. Your best astrological matches will be born late Aries/early Taurus, late Cancer/early Leo, late Scorpio/early Sagittarius. It's time to focus on activities that will liven up your life, and once you do, the rest will fall into place.

Dear Eugenia: I don't know what to do. I'm feeling stagnant at my part-time job and want a new job for two reasons: I want more income and I want more challenges, responsibilities and mental stimulation.

I want to apply and get accepted into a very competitive master's degree program. I applied and was rejected twice from it already.

I don't know if I should focus on getting a new job and apply to grad school next January 2020 or apply this year 2019. I am eager to start earning my master's, but should saving money be my priority this year? I know you get a lot of emails more interesting than this one, so I understand if you can't address it. I just don't know what my inner guidance is telling me to do. I was born Feb. 16, 1989, at 12:25 p.m. -- Aquarius

Dear AQUARIUS: You have just completed your first Saturn return, so questioning your future and reevaluating your past is exactly what you should have been doing through last year.

With Jupiter moving through an area of your chart that deals with work, your options for making money are favored. However, it is also favorably positioned to an area of your chart that deals with higher education. The best way to combine the two is to find a position you can do while working toward your master's degree. This could be at the university or part-time in your field or a position that you can do from a home-based office.

I see this as a year of hard work with payoffs coming in 2020/2021. My fear is that when transiting Saturn moves into the area of your chart that deals with education, it may restrict you from going or doing well. It may be a hectic year or two, but it will be well worth your while if you spread yourself thin and focus on your goals.

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