Dear Eugenia For January 06, 2019

Dear Eugenia: My only son (born April 12, 1991, at 4:58 p.m.) has been plagued with challenges that seem so unfair and heartbreaking. It hurts me to see the choices he makes. He was so agreeable as a child. I am not getting why he hasn't matured.

I don't condone breaking the law and don't justify it. However, he's back in the system. The judge neglected to expunge a serious conviction and never granted it. Although the application was received and filed. Now my son's back in their hands. He got a ticket, they sent him a notice to appear in court, and 18 months later it was dismissed. Now we have someone accusing him of assault and a false-imprisonment charge. This happened the day he was moving to another state.

I feel at such a loss for him. He seems to be in shock over this matter. My guess is that the possibility exists that the story could have been fabricated.

I'm always looking to raise our vibrational energy and be positive and at a higher level of consciousness, but this is a real slam. I am wondering what his chart shows right now and in the near future or what the possible outcome will be. I am my son's mom, regardless of what transpires. My birth data is Sept. 30, 1965, at 1:26 a.m. -- Altered State

Dear ALTERED STATE: Since the fall of 2017, you have experienced some very limiting astrological transits that have affected your home and family life and have caused you depression and sadness over what's happening to your son. Your hands are tied. He is of age, and you cannot take his place. You can only be supportive and stand by his side.

The area in your chart that represents your home and children shows distress, deception and emotional and physical lenience.

Your son's chart indicates he can attract people who will take advantage of him and also that he can be misleading as well. Without the victim's birth data, it's difficult for me to say whether the victim is exaggerating. However, based on the type of person he draws into his life, there is a good chance the victim may not be telling the whole truth.

Where legal matters are concerned, his chart actually improves beginning late next spring until the fall, so hopefully his case will be remanded until that time. Although with transiting Saturn moving through a personal area of his chart, it is likely he will face some charge or label that can cause him setbacks moving forward.

I believe the next couple of years will be difficult for him and result in a lot of soul-searching and the need to grow up and take charge of his life. It's apparent he has a valuable lesson to learn during this period. Let's hope it sinks in.

Dear Eugenia: I graduated from university in 2008 with a BBA -- Finance thinking I had a promising future. Due to the economic demise, it took me a year to find a job, which was in accounting, not finance.

At the end of October 2012, I was a passenger in a car accident, and it took 10 months for me to heal physically, and I ended up with no job. I have held multiple contract and temporary jobs and even tried to start a small business. I apply for jobs daily, but it seems like no one is interested in hiring me, as I never get contacted. I have applied with multiple agencies.

I have a good personality and maintain friendships, but I confess I suffer from anxiety, and I don't currently have a driver's license. Subsequently, I remain unemployed, living with my mother. Are things going to improve? I was born Dec. 18, 1984, at 8:31 p.m. -- Sagittarius

DEAR SAGITTARIUS: You have suffered with one difficult astrological transit after another for the past six years, and although you will be able to say goodbye to some of the difficulties you've faced, uncertainty regarding your work and what you should be doing will continue over the course of the upcoming year.

That doesn't mean you won't find work; it means you may not like what you find. This could lead to taking a course between now and the fall that will help parlay you into a market that is more enthusiastic and profitable. This could be real estate, teaching, communications, etc. Don't limit what you can do; expand what you have to offer.

Dear Eugenia: My day of birth is Feb. 22, 1971, at 6 p.m. I was dumped by my boyfriend of seven years. His birthday is June 16, 1991. I have been single now for 9 months, and I'm wondering if there is anyone new and worthwhile coming into my life soon. Also, are conditions at my job going to get any better, or should I look for a new position? -- Fish

Dear FISH: It's obvious that your relationship with your Gemini friend was a learning experience for both of you. Your desire to get involved and settle down has a lot to do with the astrological transits going through your chart. However, don't be fooled into thinking it's what you need in your life right now.

You should be learning and growing this year. Take hold of your life and getting into new interests as well as making new friends. Travel should also be considered, along with activities that are creative or physical. By participating in life, you will discover more about who you are and what you want. In the end, love will find you by the fall of 2020.

Regarding your job, it will get better or you will find a suitable position between now and the fall of this year.

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