Dear Eugenia For December 16, 2018

Dear Eugenia: My husband (born June 11, 1958) and I (July 16, 1961, at 7:04 a.m.) have been married for 34 years. Last year from March to mid-September he was having an affair. He told me it was not sexual, and they had no physical contact of any kind. He told me he broke it off and has no contact with her at all.

I was devastated and still struggle with trusting him. We separated. He tells me he wants to get back together now and that he loves me. I am very confused. I love him very much and want to trust he was telling the truth and that it is over. Should we try again? Can I get over this paranoid feeling? Is he telling me the truth? -- Devastated

Dear DEVASTATED: Your astrological comparison with your husband is quite good. However, this past year there appears to have been some difficulties, confusion and uncertainty that hit both yours and his natal chart with regard to communication, love and trust. Yes, he made a mistake, but this is just a hiccup in your lifelong journey as a couple.

Try to see this past year as a wake-up call and a chance to rekindle the flame. Turn it into an experience that rejuvenates your relationship and brings you closer together. Life is short, and negativity and fear are not the ways to move forward. You have history together, so let him make it up to you. Do your best to forgive him so you can enjoy the rest of your life together.

There is no doubt in my mind you love one another, so start planning for the future instead of living in the past. Let it go and move forward. Your husband can be a flirt, but he isn't a cheater under normal circumstances. He lost his way momentarily.

Dear Eugenia: I am a 63-year-old twice-divorced woman. Both marriages lasted a minimum amount of time. I consider those relationships "unconscious choices" stemming from a lack of love, nurturing and bonding from my family of origin. I didn't know what a healthy and compatible relationship looked or felt like.

Needless to say, I've come a long way and desire a long-term romance. My bucket list includes falling in love. I have not experienced love with a partner. A new man just entered my life albeit long-distance (same state). I feel the potential for something grand; the time feels right. Does my astrological chart indicate my heart's desire? I was born July 12, 1955, at 11:10 p.m. -- CANCER

DEAR CANCER: Your chart doesn't indicate you can't fulfill your bucket list. However, it does indicate you have trouble choosing the right partner as well as a tendency to get involved in sudden and short-lived relationships.

The past 18 months your chart has been experiencing a transit that has put greater emphasis on settling down, so you have had a growing desire to find Mr. Right. This certainly helps raise the possibility of finding a good long-term partner.

Unfortunately, you didn't include your new fella's birth information, so I cannot say for sure whether he is the one, but I can tell you to slow down and build a friendship. Make sure you have enough common interests and beliefs and take the time to see where it goes.

For you, the timing is right, and if he measures up, he could be the one. If he doesn't, someone new is likely to come along between now and the fall of 2020. Next time please include your partner's data.

Dear Eugenia: I've written to you several times in the past and have always taken your advice. You mentioned I would find someone in September 2018. I definitely met someone, but I don't know where it's going. He is a Cancer, born July 18, 1994, not sure what time, and I was born Feb. 2, 1994, at 3 a.m.

Since my last boyfriend, Leo, born Aug. 12, 1987, I haven't met anyone who is kind or deserving of my love. They all turn out to be pretty big jerks. What's up with me? It's not like I am actively looking for a boyfriend, just hoping the universe puts me in the right place at the right time, but for some reason it ends up turning into a disaster. 

Am I jinxed? Am I meant to be alone forever? Most of my friends are in long-term relationships or engaged, and I'm always the one single or dating. Please help with any advice you have.

Thank you very much. -- Not the Aquarian Dream

Dear NOT THE AQUARIAN DREAM: What's the rush? Take the time to enjoy your Cancer man and to get to know him inside out. You have a good comparison with him -- one that is worth savoring and not pushing for too much too fast. Emotionally, mentally and physically you match up nicely, and I see no immediate red flags. Just enjoy the time spent with him. After all, if you are fun to be with, he will want to be with you.

As for your last relationship with your Leo man, that wasn't a great matchup, and it's good you have moved on. You have a much better chance to build a strong and lasting union with your Cancer fella. You and your partner are still very young. This year has been a good year for him to find true love, so you met at the right time. You should build history as a couple and explore all facets of life together before making a commitment. Let your destiny as a couple unfold naturally.

Your desire to settle down is warranted due to transiting Saturn touching off an area of your chart that deals with marital contracts and joint ventures. I cannot tell you how this transit is affecting him without his time of birth. However, I do know it has been favorably positioned to his natal Venus, which means he is probably thinking more about love and partnerships seriously.

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