Dear Eugenia for August 13, 2017

Dear Eugenia: I was born on Feb. 9, 1965, at 2:52 a.m. My ex partner was born on Dec. 9, 1975 (birth time unknown). We have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for 12 years. Her alcohol and drug problems have been mostly the source of our off-again.

We have four kids, born on July 1, 2006; Jan. 4, 2011; April 2, 2014; and July 8, 2015, who I am now raising alone. I don't really know what to believe is best for all. So many times I have thought the kids and I are better off on our own. So many times I have let my ex back in for our kids' sake, and mine too, I guess. What do the stars have to say? -- Struggling Aquarius

Dear Struggling Aquarius: Without your partner's time of birth, it's difficult to be specific. However, her chart does indicate that indeed she does need help, but only she can make that happen. She is heading into a change regarding her health and physical well-being this fall that will compromise her ability to live her lifestyle, either by choice or because of being detained medically or physically. This is something you have no control over.

Your chart indicates that you need to move forward. Your focus should be on the children and supporting them. You are in a high cycle where work and getting ahead are concerned until November, so doing all you can between now and that time to raise your income is a good idea.

Come November, you are in a high cycle for a year that is conducive to raising your children, involvement with education, changing your geographical location or residence, and calling in favors from friends, relatives and colleagues to help you move forward with your life.

Your comparison with your ex is not that great. It's certainly more beneficial for her than it is for you. She tends to land on her feet at the expense of you and the kids, and this has to stop. If she wants back in, she has to earn her way.

The eldest and the youngest children's charts indicate that indeed they do match up to their mother well, but certainly no better than they do to you. The middle two children do not match up to their mother as well as they do to you and need to be protected from her antics.

It's time for the kids and you to move forward, and it's up to her to clean up and catch up.

DEAR EUGENIA: I am trying to get my visitation restored to see my son, born on Oct. 8, 2007, at 8:30 p.m. I love and miss him dearly. His mother and her new boyfriend, with whom she has two more kids, wanted to move away, and I stopped it and I have not seen him since. Seems no matter what arrangements I try to make, it doesn't happen.

I want to move out of the city I currently reside in. I'm just not sure where or how far to go for fear of being too far away from my son. I have applied for disability due to a back problem that has deteriorated. I'm depressed on a lot of levels. I was born on Nov. 13, 1978, at 12:13 a.m. -- Sad Dad

Dear Sad Dad: Don't give up on the visitation rights. Your chart and your son's chart indicate that this will improve during the last quarter of this year and throughout next year and the following.

It's up to you to be diligent and persistent in your pursuit to see him as much as possible. Taking an active role in the activities he enjoys will make it difficult for your ex to say no.

Making a move from one geographical location to another can be difficult if you are trying to stay within reach of your son. Moving from a big city to a small town or country living is possible, but you probably should have done so this past year. It's not too late, but try to do so before the fall.

There is a possibility of retraining in order to get back into the workforce between the fall of this year and the end of next. I suggest you check with your local government employment agency to find out what possibilities are available. Regarding your disability, it should be approved before the end of the summer.

Dear Eugenia: Last year was extremely difficult. I had a ruptured brain aneurysm and was in the hospital for a couple of months over the summer. Recovery has been slow, but I'm one of the lucky ones -- here to tell the tale.

Although I am well recuperated physically and mentally, the event has left me very low on morale and confidence, and more than a little shaky as I attempt to re-start the whole project of my life. I wonder how the times ahead look for me. I was born on March 18, 1969, at 1:15 p.m. -- Survivor

Dear Survivor: You are one of the lucky ones. The transits you have been experiencing over the past couple of years have been stellar. Exactly what you needed to get you through such a horrific medical struggle.

The depression, however, is something that has been clouding your vision and making you reluctant to move forward with confidence. It lingers on and will continue until the end of next year.

It's important for you to take this period of time to delve into things you enjoy, such as creative endeavors, socializing or simply learning something new. Taking a course in mindfulness or signing up for retreats or self-help courses will aid the process. You are a quick healer physically, but your mind needs time to process what's happened and to learn to live in the moment and pursue the things you love to do. Your reluctance to jump back will stifle your confidence.

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