Dear Eugenia For November 05, 2017

DEAR EUGNENIA by Eugenia Last

Dear Eugenia: I'm about to graduate college next spring. I love the field I am in, but I sometimes doubt whether I'm on the right path.

Lately I haven't been feeling myself. I have a boyfriend (born on Jan. 5, 1998), and we've been together for more than a year now. I have been giving him a hard time lately for stupid reasons. I love him with all my heart, and I don't want to push him away. But it's mostly me; one minute I'm OK, and the next I'm a complete monster. I am starting to get irritated with the way I act because I know it's making it tough for both of us.

He means more than anything to me. The thought of losing him just wrecks me. I am doing my best to better myself for him. He loves me the way I am, but I see myself as a terrible partner.

I know everybody has his or her own beliefs about destiny, and if it's not meant to be it won't work. But I believe that when two hearts really want to be with each other, they'll do everything to stay together. That's exactly what we're doing.

I just want to know what's wrong with me. Because little things tick me off, and I know they're very stupid. The past couple of weeks I was doing great, then all of a sudden I lost control again. Relationships are already hard to maintain as is. I don't want my unstable emotions to contribute to it. I was born on Feb. 5, 1999, at 3 p.m. -- Aquarius

Dear Aquarius: Your confusion and uncertainty regarding your educational pursuits will lift at the end of the year. I suggest you throw your heart and soul into graduating with top marks.

Regarding your relationship, that is another story. Since before you met your Capricorn man, you have been going through a long, slow transit that deals with sorrow when it comes to relationships. This is not over quite yet, but will be by the time you graduate.

Don't let this relationship affect your grades. You are young, and although the astrological comparison is good for now, you have to rely on destiny to hold things together instead of worrying about changing who you are when it's obvious that stress is the culprit.

Dear Eugenia: I met a man one year ago, but lately I only see him here and there. We like each other, but he is married. I told him I couldn't go there. He doesn't call often.

He was separated for a while, but they are trying to work things out. I didn't know him when he was separated and have never been with him intimately. He was born on Sept. 30, 1965, and I was born on Nov. 16, 1960, at 4:02 p.m.

I know there is chemistry, but is there a future for us? I really like him and I believe he likes me too. -- Scorpio

Dear Scorpio: This is not a good match for you. Walk away and do not look back. You should be focusing on finding love with someone who is available, not someone trying to make it work with his wife.

Even if this man were free and clear of matrimony, he still would not bring you the happiness you are looking for. Yes, there is chemistry, but that's where it ends. Everything after that will result in sorrow and regret.

You are in a high cycle regarding love and should be considering a Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces if you want to find a forever partner.

Dear Eugenia: I am dating a man born on July 9, 1980, around 1 a.m. We have been off and on for a few years, but lately things have been getting worse with us, and he's been moody, snappy and difficult. I've always felt like I've had to be a mother to him. 

I met another man, born on Dec. 25, 1977, (not sure of the time), through my job. We are just friends, but he's very appealing to me. I find him funny, charismatic, kind and encouraging. He seems flirty enough and interested, but also knows I'm in a relationship and is polite. That doesn't stop him from sharing about himself, asking about my life, complimenting my work, recommending me to people, staring me down, talking to me when he can, making me smile when I'm down, going out of his way to help me and treating my kids kindly. 

My question is this: I'm not certain if I'm reading too much into Guy No. 2. I certainly don't want him to think I'm a cheater, but I can't help but find him attractive. We have so much in common. Guy No. 1 is someone I've known for so long. We are more like roommates now, and I don't feel an attraction like I once did, especially since he gets moody, takes his anger out on me, and leaves so much responsibility on me. 

I'm not sure what to do here. I have only told my best friend, and she knows I'm miserable with Guy No. 1. Therapy is an option, and we've tried it before. I've tried talking to him about my feelings and he just blames me for what's going on. (This all started happening before Guy No. 2 came along.)
Would Guy No. 2 and I even BE compatible should we get together? Why is Guy No. 1 being like this? I was born on Sept. 23, 1978, at 8:30 a.m. -- Libra

Dear Libra: Your chart indicates that you are heading into a time of change where your love life is concerned. However, after looking at both comparisons, it is apparent that both are lacking something.

The Cancer you are currently with does match up better, but there is emotional deception and disillusionment throughout the whole comparison, and that makes it difficult to overcome sorrow and turn it into a happily ever after connection.

The Capricorn you are attracted to is a flirt. Although he is a Goat by Sun sign, he thinks and loves like a Sagittarius, and it's obvious by his chart that he has no problem whatsoever attracting women. Yes, there is an attraction, but it isn't enough to make this union a long-term connection. Best to keep this one as a friend and ally for professional reasons.

With the love cycle you are going through between now and summer of next year, it would be wise to get out of the relationship you are in, or at least take a break from each other in order to meet someone new. Please do not use this time with your flirty friend -- he is not "the one."

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